AoC Open Beta Signups are UP!

The FilePlanet subscribers exclusive Open Beta Keys are now being handed out! If you are a FilePlanet subscriber (not just Founders) then head over to FP and get yourself a key! Apparently it’s first come first server and keys will go out in waves.

Graev and I both grabbed ourselves a key and we’re ready for the Beta to begin May 1st! This should be a great opportunity to test out the classes in PvE and get a feel for the overall game. For a price of $15.95 we get to play from May 1st until sometime near May 17th (we hope) and take advantage of other things on FP. It’s not the best deal out there, but it beats being bored.

Good luck all.

NOTE: IGN Insider does not work. I have an Insider account and I was unable to obtain a key until I signed up for FilePlanet. The cheapest price you’re going to pay is the quarterly for $15.95 (I think… that’s the cheapest it offered me). Get your key, cancel your account.

Note to the Note: Apparently there were “other offers” you could take advantage of by clicking “no thanks” to the ones that popped up. Apparently among those offers you will find a $6’ish monthly fee. I guess I missed that well placed “no thanks”… you win this round FilePlanet.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Our AoC Gallery link is up on the left side under ‘Content’. When open beta starts we’ll be recording more videos and beefing up our screenshot collection (Pending NDA).

  • I’m getting reports that they are out of keys for this first wave. I hope everyone got a chance to sign up.

    HAH! I just got the notification email from FilePlanet telling me that I can sign up for a key. A little late there FP… good thing I’ve been refreshing all day.

  • Luckily I got my key but am having problems registering. Know that funny colored security verification box. Well, its obvious what the word is in the box, I type it, but it doesn’t accept what I key in. Gonna try it later though.

  • Oh, and Keen, you guys gonna post which server and names you guys sign up as on May 1st?

  • You can get the subscription for $7.90 if you click the “no thanks” on the bottom right of the sign up screen. It takes you to the monthly price.

  • Heh, I just updated the post to include that Lacey. I learned of that offer a few minutes ago. *shakes fist* Oh well. Maybe I’ll find something I want on FilePlanet over the next few months.

    @Mallika: Sometime around Noon PST.

  • deff just got my fileplanet account. Tommarow i hope will be a good day (._.) hopeing to see u guyz in the battle

  • Well I’m not a member and leaving on business anyway; looking forward to reading your reviews & watching some vids; great stuff!

  • Man, I’ve been bamboozled! I got trapped into the $15 quarterly as well. Nice job to all those who beat the system and got the $8 fee!

  • iv been waiting on round 2 for 3 hrs lol been 2 hrs sence it said coming soon =/ looks like its gonna be along night lol camping this web site is no easy task

  • Grats on the key Keen! I got home from work tonight and of course the first wave was gone (earlier in the day I surmised). I refreshed the page for over 2 hours…finally took a five minute break, and of course that’s when the second wave went active haha.

    So, I downloaded their Comrade instant messaging program as several people had success with that. I’m hoping to get a key in the next few days, as long as they can release them after I’m home from work! 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll see you in beta.

  • Is it possible to wait until I get a chance on a key before I sign up for Fileplanet or is it better to sign up right now? I don’t want to throw them my hard earned money and maybe still get no key.

  • well you cant get a key unless you subscribe, there is the possibilty that you won’t get a key if you subscribe. I would just pay the 8 dollar one and then cancel if you dont get on or after you get the key. to get the 8 dollar offer hit the NO THANKS button at the bottom of the page.

  • I thought the open beta is going to have a level 13 cap… Is this correct? So i really dont see the point in joining the open beta for 2 weeks?

  • Grats all who got a key so far, can i remind everyone that it is beta and not final release, so lets not be too harsh, or critical even though its close to final release, cheers GLA

  • I was able to get a key but there’s at least 1 guy from our forums who missed the first and second, “waves.” Did the second wave go out in under 5 minutes like I’m hearing?

  • id have to guess it would be tonight at 11ish like it was for the 23rd nut thats just a guess snag up comrade program an just leave it on they send u a msg an boom click link an there u go. glta

  • Was the 1st Wave of the 23rd and 1st Wave of the 24th @ the same time? I need AOC! 😛

  • First wave on the 23rd was at around Noon PST. I have no clue when the other waves were/are/or when they are going to be. Your best bet is to sit there with a paid FilePlanet subscription and refresh the site over and over and over. That’s how I got mine and my bro got his.

    It sucks, but it’s the best way.

  • Managed to get my key yesterday (from the first wave, was probarly one of the first people thanks to comarade).
    Highly recommended you install this program if you want to obtain a key.

    See you in the bloody hyboria on the first of may 😉

  • Ok, now I know this is a horribly dumb question, but does the page go active for a short time and that is how you sign up? I am a subscriber, I’ve got that part down, and I spent last night just refreshig the page and such, but there was never anything to click on/signup with. Am I retarded? Very possibly.

  • Is coming soon meaning the signups for new keys or that the previous signups will be receiving emails with keys?

  • It means the next wave of Keys will be coming soon to compete for so to speak…
    1st come 1st served is how they are doing it.
    So pretty much 1st ones to the link win…

  • i hit the link and put in my information but i dont know if i got one, do you usually get an email right away or does it say if you recieved one on the site.

  • hmmm, i signed up, had to enter my age again, got a key they told me not to lose, then directed me to the server mirror page for downloading.

  • Damn….
    I also got an email with the same info.
    Comrade seemed to be about 1 minute behind the actual page update, maybe best to note the time and basically start spamming refreshed when the coming soon is displayed next to the batch info.
    It was almost exactly 1 hour after that it allowed for signups, hope the helps….

  • Sorry to hear Troy…
    I was scared about that happening to me, I am at work and got called into the office while the “Coming Soon” was up, I never sprinted out of an office so quickly…

  • And as Goosneck said, Comrade does notify you, but it is about a minute off, and the keys were only good for about 2 mins so, best off spamming F5 about 30Mins after seeing “coming soon”

  • Sorry im a bit confused, have mercy on me if this is a dumb question, If it says confirmed next to the batch does that mean they’re done handing out keys for the day?

  • TBD – We are monitoring load to determine how many key releases we can have in the day

    Confirmed – A key release has been confirmed for that day

    Coming Soon – Key release is within 2 hours

    Distributed – That batch has been depleted

    Dana Bryant
    Affiliate Manager
    Assoc. Marketing Manager – Subscriptions
    Consumer Products Division
    IGN Entertainment/Fox Interactive Medi

  • Just to update all of you out there who think fondly of me, which honestly is no one, I got my key and I’ll see all of you lucky bastards May 1st. On a lighter note I think I am going to do a series of short-short stories in the Conan universe just for fun. I will probably be posting them on, but I am curious if anyone else wants to write anything, you know sort of match me story for story? It adds motivation to keep me writing. If anyone wants to join in the story writing fun e-mail me at [email protected] and we can put some cool Robert E. Howard-esque stories together.

  • I just wrote a post with a few tips / things to keep in mind if you’re one of those watching the FP beta page like a hawk:

    It just reiterates some important points — it’s not a magical cure that will get you a key, but from all the complaints and even misinformation regarding the exact URL you’re supposed to reload, I thought it might be informative for some people.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • Haha thanks Ascension! And hell, I’ll lay off the taco bell for a while… Remember kids, Taco Bell, though delicious, can make you miss those magic moments!!!!!

  • has anyone downloaded the Fileplanet AoC client and started it up? when it opens up the patcher i get a fatel error saying theres a patching fetching problem… just wondering if its just me or if thats supose to be normal

  • I supose then that my friend who is playing the weekend 3 hour beta they been doing uses a different patching server *shrugs* she can still update her AoC game and log in even if she cant play…

  • Don’t know if this has been mentioned or not but according to gamespy, “While every race and class is available in the beta version of Age of Conan, players will be level-capped at 13…”

    Just thought I’d let you know.