Keen and Graev’s Podcast: AoC PvP Weekend and talk on Betas

We have recorded another episode of our podcast for you guys. This time it’s all about the Age of Conan PvP Weekend and Betas. We sit down and have more of a conversation than anything else about:

  • The importance of balance
  • Whether or not this weekend hurt or helped AoC
  • What server type we’re looking forward to and why it’s such a hard decision
  • Betas in general: Are they all hype?

Grab a cold beverage and enjoy.

You can listen to our podcast right here on our blog at the top of our side navbar. Oh, and refresh your browser. We changed the header image a bit.

  • Haha funny podcast, first time listener but I enjoyed it.

    I would “think” that the issues/bugs with rangers and assassins will be fixed. it only reminded me off all the bugs that I’ve had with my rogue & hunter in Wow for years. Therefore, I can look past that for now. I would think that if that was live play, they would go down for an emergency patch to correct it.

    I have read everyone can stealth. So if you are on a pvp server and need to go afk, you should be able to just stealth I think. Of course get out of the way as you don’t want someone to see you due to low stealth score sitting in the middle of the street. I had several times when I stealthed in wow with my rogue only to come back dead. I think it took 3 deaths to realize that was a timer that auto killed you after so many minutes in stealth.

    Griefers, hmm. i have yet to play an MMOG on a pvp server. I have friends that love doing it in Wow and some that finally left Wow due to the constant ganking. I think it can be a fun part of the game if you realize it will happen and make friends. I plan on joining a pvp server for sure. I’m probably behind the curve because I have not prejoined a guild to help me but I may just wait until live play.

  • Enjoyed the podcast, gave me some more to think about. I have heard the casters have some impressive feats down the road. Hopefully a Necromancer with 8 pets, 1 super pet, or in Lich form will be able to do some damage. It is nice to hear they have that choice anyway.

    I wish I had a group of 3 to bring over. At this point we’ve got a group of 2 ready to try it. My other friends seem to still be under the WoW spell. I dunno, I just can’t take grinding BG after BG for honor anymore… that said, I really hope this game has fun PVP for those of us that aren’t in the huge guilds. Not that I wouldn’t join a guild, but I also don’t like having my playtime being controlled by people since I have a job, a family, etc. So I’m not sure what kind of server I want to roll on either yet.

    @popcorn: You have to remember that the pvp servers are controlled in WoW since each faction can only attack the other. That means 50% or so of the people you run into are going to be unable to attack you even if they wanted to. In AoC, ANYONE can attack you at ANY time (except in a city), so you can almost never really feel safe. The thought of an opponent 10, 20, or more levels above me ganking me repeatedly is almost more then I can bare. I have limited playtime, and I don’t want to spend it being controlled by a griefer. Despite this being an M rating game, I have already seen a lot of griefers openly admitting they want to gank low level people.

  • Kt, I hear you about the griefing. Similar to what was on the podcast though, I wonder if the pve just won’t be as exciting without it. I sure know I had times when I wish I could have taken out my own faction lol. I’m sure there will be griefing, but hopefully I can bring some friends over (none yet, 4 still play wow) or I’ll just end up joining a guild for some backup if needed. I bet the game will be real difficult to be a total guildless loner on a pvp server.

    I remember back in UO when I worked skinning deer and finally purchased a full suit of armor. I had a irish looking kilt and everything, looked totally awesome. Then some half naked mage behind a tree lagged up my screen with spells, ganked me and took all my gear haha. Well after a few weeks of that nonsense I actually joined up with the killers and just helped them kill other guilds of killers. It was exciting for a bit until I got bored and quit.

    So yea I’m making the move to pvp servers, and while I’m a family man and have limited play time as well, I’m already reviewing a few guilds that seem to not demand all your time and look like they may be worth joining. Also don’t forget, as long as you make a few friends while leveling up, you may have someone to call for help.

    Anyway, if I end up carried away with playing like I did in Wow, I’ll level fairly fast anyway. But if I don’t, wouldn’t it be sweet to take out some punk ganker with a few friends? lol

  • First time listener here, but great podcast.

    I overheard your discussion on PvP and PvE servers, and have a few things to say…
    PvP servers add to the MMO world. Cast aside your NPC and quest storylines… REAL bad guys, or “griefers”, and real reasons to fight make the game a true MMO.
    I don’t know much about the world in AOC, I didn’t get into the closed beta, and I don’t know if you lose experience in non-minigame scenarios. However, from previous experience in a game where there is usually always an exp penalty upon death and open pvp (LineageII), exp loss and the ability to fight at any time give significantly more value to grinding away levels and achieving things ingame.
    Such things fuel the need to be interactive in the games community, resulting in guilds/clans, friends, etc… This does not hinder the person that wishes to solo his days in the game. He/She, if choosing a PvP server, should fully understand that they may possibly be attacked, and should be cautious of who they spout off to or offend. From what I have experienced in other MMOs, a griefer in an open PvP server is always risking something when openly killing or attacking another player (exp, items, other things of value)…
    Personally, I would not choose a PvE server if there was an option for a PvP server. From my own point of view, I could achieve the same thing from a non-online game when compared to a PvE MMO. You will always experience a much richer community when character relations, politics, and human interaction are encouraged.

  • Nice podcast! Betas are definitely about hype, but in the case of MMORPGs, they’re also about bug-testing and receiving player feedback.