Age of Conan PvP Weekend info!

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This afternoon at 1pm Pacific time the Age of Conan PvP Weekend kicks off and lasts until the same time Monday.  That’s three whole days of AoC PvP!  According to the Gamespot peeps here’s what I know about the NDA:

Yes there will be an NDA in place for the Gamespot PvP Weekend at first. The NDA will be lifted on Saturday, April 19th at 19:00 GMT (which is 15:00 EST and 12:00 California Time). After that time testers will be allowed to talk about their experiences in the PvP Weekend.

It’s important to know that even after the NDA will be lifted, testers will not be allowed to talk about anything that happened PRIOR to lifting the NDA but only about what their experiences are AFTER the NDA has been lifted. This means everything from Saturday, 19:00 GMT until the PvP Weekend ends on Sunday, 20:00 GMT. Source.

As of right now I’m not sure if it violates the NDA to say “I am a participant”, so I won’t say that.  Come Saturday afternoon if I am a participant of the pvp weekend then you better expect that I would of coarse take pictures, videos, and write about my experiences with each class in length (making sure to only do so after the NDA has been lifted… if I am a participant of the PvP weekend!).

This PvP weekend gives the lucky 15,000 participants a chance to play each class in a PvP arena setting and I believe it has been said that players will be instantly leveled to participate in mid-low level pvp.  Should be fun for those lucky few who got in!

  • Well, if you do get to participate…. and that’s a big *IF*, i’ll eagerly await your opinions of the pvp.

  • If you were a beta participant, I would be curious to know how long it took you to download the aforementioned 30 gigs of game.