System requirements are getting ridiculous

I’m looking at the Age of Conan system requirements right now just dying inside.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz (E6600) or better
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7950GX2 or better
RAM: 2GB or more

On top of that they require 30 gigs of disc space.  THIRTY gigs!  The last game I remember playing that had anywhere near this amount was Vanguard.  Vanguard as like 18 – 25 and it made even the strongest computers cry out in pain.  Conan is going to be even larger and I’m worried about it being a system hog.  My computer is a 2.13ghz core 2 duo and my card is a 7950gt.  That means I’m scratching at the front door of the recommended requirements.   I purchased my rig in November of 2006 so it’s about a 1yr 5 months old and it’s already being tested.

It boggles my mind to think of what could possibly be taking 30gigs of space.  Are they using a unique texture for every tree?  Is nothing being recycled?  From the screenshots the game definitely looks amazing, but is it overkill?   If I get into this weekend’s PvP test for Conan I will be able to answer these questions for myself and when the NDA drops share them with you.  Until then I am left wondering.  I can’t imagine Warhammer Online taking that much space.  WoW takes about 8 gigs, right?  Hopefully there really is a 20+ gig difference in quality with Conan.

  • 30GB of space? You have to wonder about a game that ships on at least four DVDs. Think what patching that puppy is going to be like for new players that join the game a year or more in.

    And think about how many games there are out there where “recommended” is really “minimum” and “minimum” meant “just kidding.” That worries me a lot when it comes to Conan!

  • Well, I’m definately out then. I’m still running on a P4 3.2ghz with no money to buy a new computer (and P4 mobos don’t support Core 2 duo chips). I have the RAM and the video card, but there’s no way I’m going to try a twitchy pvp online game with the sort of crappy performance I’d be getting. Maybe I’ll try it next year once the holidays have showered me with cash.

  • This is a sad day for AoC fans. By positioning the game for the upper end of the PC market (minimum specs mean just that – I’m sure it won’t look its best at 2g RAM and 7900 video card) the developers have made a huge mistake.
    There are many, many folks out there who would go for a Conan-based MMO but they don’t have the PC to back it up. Unfortunately they’ll be poisoned by the news about the buggy, problematic launch if they hear about it at all.

    I’m not being a doomsayer on purpose – I wish AoC well, though I don’t have a preorder – but games that target the wrong audience don’t tend to do well in general.

  • @KingMob

    I totally agree. Making a game that is cutting edge and requires a massive computer to look decent is a huge mistake. If anything can be learned from Blizzard, its that ALL of their games a scalable. Their designed in such a way that almost anyone can run it.

    I really want AoC to take off but I have to admit, I have scared for it.

  • I’m hearing that the actual install footprint is only 11GB or so. So, I’m guessing that the other 19GB is for extraction and probably update cabs and what not.

    When I saw those requirements I took a look at my own system, which I assume everyone did.

    The largest program folder in my system right now is actually Steam at 14.7GB.

    Recommended requirements are what they expect you’ll need for all of the bells and whistles. Something that I kind of doubt alot of us will use anyhow in a PvP oriented game. Who really gives a crap about the shadows of the falling leaves when some mutt from Ohio, or Germany, is trying to remove your melon from your shoulders?


  • Actually, the client itself (again trying not to break NDA) is over 25gb as a folder, so this 30gb isn’t surprising at all.

    You’re right though, AoC is going look HORRIBLE when you scale it down, it’s gonna look like a 90’s block-polygon RPG, and run 10x worse than one.

    It’s silly making an MMO require such specs, and it’s really going to kill them in terms of mass market appeal (hi WoW), although I have a topend PC, AoC is still going to tax me like crazy if I try to turn everything up to make it look good.

    More importantly, can you imagine what its going to be like with hundreds of people onscreen at Border Kingdoms? I know they’re trying to implement a technology that counteracts that by only showing relevant people on your screen, but imo thats not a solution at all, just a limiter.

  • I waited and waited till 1 month before the release to buy my new PC.

    Should get it tomorrow.

    E8400 – 3.0Ghz
    9800GTX 512mb
    1Terabyte in raid 0

    Im Conan ready ! 😛

  • Seth:

    I hope you’re right when you say the recommended requirements are what you’ll need to run the game with all the bells and whistles (high graphics settings). Sadly, there have been many, many games over the years where “recommended specs” means “you get a playable frame-rate and the game looks half-way decent” and “minimum specs” means “you get a playable frame-rate but the game looks like absolute crap”.

  • I have almost the exact same pc. 2.14 duo core 7900 GT/GTO with 2MB RAM. I go it in 11/06 as well. I am a teacher and I broke the bank to get that machine. I won’t be able to get a new one until 11/09. Spending 2 grand every 3 years is pretty dedicated to technology in my book.

    20+ gig = individualized nipples for each character

    duh! 😛

  • My experience with system requirements has been the same as Lepinski’s. “Minimum” means the game will run and be marginally playable if you turn off every possible graphical feature and play a low resolution. “Recommended” is what you need to play the game at with medium settings.

    Higgs, is that a pre-built system or just parts you’ll be putting together? If pre-built, where did you get it and how much did it cost? I’ll need to buy a new computer at some point this year . . .

  • Graktar,
    Ive made the list but letting them putting it together. Last time i did it myself but had to deal with bad ram and bad motherboard. Never again.

    I aimed for a good quality / price ratio.

    Canadian prices but since were at 0.99$US the conversion these days is pretty easy 😛

    CPU E8400 – 274$
    Asus P5E X38 – 238$
    Corsair DDR2-800 4gig – 142$
    Antec Sonata Plus 550 (comes with a nice powersupply. Neopower 550) – 170$
    Asus GF9800GTX 512 ( too big for case. requires modif to case ;/ ) 390$
    Seagate 500Gb 32mb cache. 99$
    Seagate 500Gb 32mb cache. 99$ – thats 1 Terabyte in raid 0
    Vista Ultimate ?$

    comes around 1900$ total including taxes.

    Id recommend going with an Nvidia 8800GT that will cost 100$ less and wont require modification to the case.

    If you are in the US you can prolly get a better price.

    no taxes its around 1700$

  • When I do get around to it I’ll be buying a pretty barebones system. I have a video card, sound card, hard drive, disk drives, and RAM that I’m happy with, I just need a new core to plug everything into.

    If I did it myself I could do it pretty cheap (mobo + processor, done) but the last time I did that it was pretty disastrous. The time before that too. My wife (rightly) won’t let me build systems anymore. Frankly I don’t have the heart for it anymore anyway.

    Anyone have any experience with Cyberpower? I’d be able to buy a PC from them with a very nice CPU and case but cheap RAM and no video card since I can supply my own. It’s all good until I install the OS, so I’ll happily pay for someone else to deal with that.

  • Hey i am just wondering if this game will work on dell d630 with shared graphics card?

    ps loving the videos

  • Anyway, as i could logically understand this, at least the collectors edition of the game i ordered had the information about 2 DVD’s with the game installation Wizard, nothing more. There aren’t any 20 gig DVD’s that i know about at least. My theory is that they require the space it does is to download the pre-order version of the game. But i don’t really know what else to think, so i stick with that idea

  • yer bit unerving but i dont really think it will take 30gig of space more like 20? and 10 gig reserved for patches and such…. but maybe im wrong
    not much of a problem for me took teh system req lab test and passed req specs with flying colours(keen my system is nearlly exactly the same as yours) teh only problem i ahve with these specs is my friend might not be able to run it lol (hes only got 1gb of ram 256 mb gfx(i think he got a better one cant remember might be 640 now…mackes it better than mine *shakes fist* and a 3.2 ghz cpu(non duel core) so he might be in trouble….