Age of Conan Open Beta May 1st

Hurray!  Official information on the Age of Conan Open Beta has arrived!

“Funcom, Eidos and IGN are proud to announce that Open Beta for Age of Conan will start on May 1. The Open Beta will be hosted exclusively by IGN’s popular game download site,, as well as being offered through partner IGN sites such as, and The application pages at are now open for registrations, and gamers from across the world can sign up. As 50.000 gamers prepare their Hyborian assault, rivers of blood are about to flow, and it’s exclusively available through FilePlanet and IGN partner sites.

You are required to be a FilePlanet member in order to sign up for the Open Beta.”

I hope our FilePlanet account is still active…  GRAEV!  Did you renew it?!

  • By the way, my AoC PvP beta thingy has no yet changed.

    “Thank you for registering…we will contact you…blah blah blah…”

  • Is the signup page active?

    If you have a vault account you also have a FilePlanet account, or did they mean a paid FilePlanet account?

  • It’s confusing, one part said I had to have a Fileplanet account…then another part contradicted it. Anyways, i went ahead and paid $15 for 3mo access to it. I think it’s worth the $ as A)I’d like a good MMO to play atm and 2)Whether or not to preorder the CE or standard ed.. if any at all.

    I should have a good feel for what class I’m going to want to play live as well so i’m not constantly in the noob zones figureing out what i want to play 😉 I’m fickle like that.

  • Sweet!

    I’ll get a taste of the pvp this weekend. Then yet another stab at it on May day.

    Yep I got in Keen.

  • Unless they have some form of SUPER compression… chances are very, very high that it will be a 30gb + dl.

  • 30Gb? Sheesh. I download to take part in plenty of these betas so am used to a few gigabytes, but it looks like I’ll have to wait for the retail before I see AoC with my own eyes.

  • I registered an account in hopes of getting in the open beta. Were there a signup form I needed or something? I cant seem to find a form anywhere.

  • Hmmm, may 1th ill wonder what news it will bring forward.

    I tryed to participate in AoC beta’s downed a lot of gig’s and always got ”universe conection error”
    but i cant wait anymore to see it whit my own eye’s and get a hands on

    i preordered the collector’s edition, and imo i should get a beta key to play today cause i alrdy ordered but to bad u need to pay ign for it 🙁