Keen and Graev’s Podcast returns

It’s about time!  We finally got our act together and recorded a short fifteen minute podcast with an update on what we’ve been up to for the past three months.  We fill you in on what game’s we’re playing, what we’re most looking forward to in the next coming months, and what our plans are for our upcoming Warhammer and Conan podcasts.

KG Podcast

As mentioned in the podcast, we plan to release new episodes on a regular basis.  We promise this time! ;)  Thanks for all the feedback and support; it was exactly the motivation we needed.

  • Awesome man. And for those of you looking for more Keen goodness, we interviewed him today at WAAAGH!, where he fessed up to his puppy killing spree back in ’92.

  • That’s the direction we want to take these podcasts. We want them to be like conversations and discussions. There are many times when Graev and I are in the car or off somewhere and suddenly a conversation about gaming strikes up. It’s those times that I wish I had a recording device with me because we can really hammer out some great discussions. Hopefully by sitting down and just talking about a specific subject we can get that random conversation feel.

  • You guys gaming habits are similar to mine except I’m still “meh” on AoC.