I think I have some Hungarian friends

For the past few weeks our blog has been receiving a lot of traffic (and hopefully converted readers) from a Hungarian website that I only know as Warblog.extra.hu. Unfortunately I can’t understand a single word on their site and the Hungarian translators I’ve found aren’t doing a thing; that is, assuming this is even a Hungarian site… I just assume the .hu means Hungary. For all I know they could be insulting me, but they seem to have taken interest in what I write about Warhammer Online.

So, Welcome! Hi! Hope you enjoy. Anyone willing to help me translate? *feels bad*

  • I’m part Hungarian and I follow your site, so, yes, you do have hungarian friends! Unfortunately, the only hungarian I know is a dirty limerick about Andrew plucking feathers from a chicken’s butt, so I’m afraid I can’t help translate.

    Very cool that you have a Hungarian Warhammer site linking to you. I got linked once by a Hungarian show pony site.

    Yes, show ponies. No, I have no idea why.

  • @3 Thx 😉

    let’s guys check our forum there is a topic dedicated for the foreigners.

  • If you let me know which hungarian text would you like to understand, I translate it for you, but dont ask me to translate a forum with hundreds of posts 🙂

  • They are an adoptation of your blog entries, and they tell that the info comes from your blog.