WAR expected to hit 1mil Beta Apps

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No, it’s not another April Fool’s Day joke. Now that we have that squared away I wanted to share a quote from Mark Jacobs where he talks about his expectations for Warhammer’s Beta Application response:


Actually, I’d be surprised if we didn’t hit 1M once we start taking beta apps for our Asian partners. Even without Asia, based on our current sign-up rate, we should blow through 750K and we have a decent shot at 1M. Since we have already far surpassed my initial goal, I’m quite happy with what we have. And since I’m sure somebody will ask this, my goal, post EA, was to have 500K signed up in NA and Europe.


That’s pretty impressive. I think that’s slightly higher than WoW was before it hit the Asian market (not that it matters because the industry has grown so much since then) but don’t quote me on that. Regardless of how you look at it the desire for beta slots in a mmorpg these days is high. To have that many potentially interested players signing up to try out a game says a lot about the market for games like WAR. I think this is also exactly why so many of the CEOs want to get a piece of the action.

I think Warhammer will be the first game since WoW to successfully break into the million player mark — and they say people don’t like PvP anymore /laugh.

One thing’s for sure though… my chances of getting into beta really are one in a million now. 😥

  • Sadly I think interest in ‘beta testing’ for any MMO is much higher than it used to be. Sadly I don’t think there are 750,000 people out there dying to test WAR, but rather 749,738 people dying for a free demo of WAR. The public perception of a game’s beta period is that beta = free game. Wooo!

    Then they realize their free game is a broken piece of sh$t (hellooo, it’s BETA!?!) and become bitter internet hatemongers.

    That said . . . pick me, pick me!

  • They actually dethroned Smash Brothers when they announced that CE too on the sales charts. I don’t think Mark has to worry, they’ll sell plenty of copies.

    I just hope they truly deliver what we all know they’re capable of.

  • Even though as Graktar stated that many are probably only looking for a “free demo”, I think we won’t have trouble finding people to play with on the release day (nor on the Pre-start day), assuming the game doesn’t turn out to be a giant stinker when the Open Beta starts.

    Just saw this video from a french convention:

    And I gotta say, the game looks vastly better than It did 6 months ago. And now I feel a little better inside about having to wait until autumn to play 🙂

  • Means nothing, because only a fraction of that will end up paying for and playing the game one way or another.

  • “One thing’s for sure though… my chances of getting into beta really are one in a million now.”

    Or guaranteed if you bought a CE pre-order! 😛

    @Graktar – Amen, brutha!

  • ^^^ Essentially that’s right on the mark. At this stage investors, share holders, CEOs, corporate moguls, whoever… they’re interested in these numbers.