Warhammer Online Official Websites have a new look!

warwebsiteupdate.jpgThe Official Warhammer Online website looks like it had a face lift today! It’s so much better than the older look which was in dire need of a makeover for a very long time. The new site has a great rotating banner with information on features and their video podcasts. The side nav bar is very slick and easy to read. At the top there is a link to the Herald (which has had a similar makeover, yay!) and a link to something that is “Coming Soon” — Look behind the coming soon and the first two letters appear to be “RE”… perhaps “Release Info”!? DEFINITELY check out both the Herald and the Official Site! Great work by Mythic.

Also, the Pre-Order website where we enter our codes for the bonuses is showing information:

Check back on Wednesday, March 26 for an exciting announcement!
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We’re getting closer to release each day! I have officially entered that phase where I can’t get it off it my mind and I’m nervous with anticipation.

Update #1: James comments on WHA about the changes.

Update #2: Looking a the source code for the page reveals another hint for what might be hiding under that “Coming soon” .  The ID of the page being hidden is “RLM”.  What could it be?

  • i dont know ken, the beta leak site that tobold post in his blog indicate WHO is not ready in term of graphic and gameplay. while its not as bad as some of the beta leaker said it is, it seem unpolished. i heard they are planning to release a new beta build in few weeks time.. i hope that build is the polished one.

  • I loathe reading or trusting any beta leak sites. People who break NDA don’t often have the best interests of the game in mind, and their tends to be a trend toward “spoiling” a game for others in any way they can as a form of griefing.

  • I’ve looked at the beta leaks site due to my insatiable need for more info, and it’s a complete mixed bag. There are people posting there who say the game was crappy, is crappy, and will always be crappy no matter what Mythic does. A little too vitriolic to be taken seriously. There have also been several more balanced reviews that point out current flaws but also point out the good things and see the light at the end of the tunnel. But really, if you look at the videos you can decide for yourself. The problem these ‘leakers’ have is that they’re expecting to be playing a game, not testing a beta. Testing a beta does not always involve fun, it’s frequently boring, tedious work. It’s a beta, not a game. But many people get into a beta thinking they’re just getting a preview of the finished game and walk away disappointed.

  • The source code for the page reveals the page ID for the page hiding under the “coming soon”.

    It’s labeled as “rlm”. Maybe something to do with release? realms? hmmm..

  • Since I scoured their site last night, I believe that have gone back in and made the word behind the “Coming Soon” sign harder to read. Now you cant see any of the letters. You used to be able to make out a tiny bit.