EA wants Take-Two

Have you seen this?

“Electronic Arts, the video gaming giant, made an unsolicited $2 billion bid on Sunday for rival Take-Two Interactive, publisher of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, a deal that would further a wave of consolidation in the rapidly growing industry… The timing of the bid appears to be an attempt to acquire Take-Two before it releases what is widely expected to be the top-selling game of 2008, the fourth installment of the crime thriller Grand Theft Auto.” 

I can’t help but think “that’s business, yo”.  Lately the industry has had a very familiar airlines vibe.  The larger corporations acquire the smaller ones and then push the entire market into a monopolistic showdown.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if 10 years from now the government has to intervene in order to prevent a market crash.

I would assume that EA is making this move to reclaim footing.   Criticism from investors and more so from the gaming community really does point towards a loss of creativity and innovation – but really that’s not just EA.  It seems every month a new press release announces the industry’s further plunge into redundancy.  Guitar Hero 9, Call of Duty 11, Madden 3015, Tony Hawk: No Really, We’re Pros – just wait, it’ll happen.

EA owns Mythic.  What’s good for EA is good for Mythic.  I was reading earlier today that some people, after reading this news, are afraid for Warhammer Online.  Reality is, EA needs a mmorpg right now.  They want and probably feel a need to out do Activision Blizzard.  I’m inclined to believe that EA will take very good care of Mythic in order to achieve this lofty, if not impossible, goal.

  • In the Fox news version of this story, they said that EA is trying to diversify their selection of titles because they are too focused on sports. (paraphrased)

    They are probably also trying to secure a better mix of platforms and prepare for the predicted domination of the console market by the Blue Ray equipped PS3 over the next few years.

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