Warhammer Online PvP: Dwarf Engineer

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Although the audio and visual quality are horrible you can still make out the Dwarf engineer participating in some interesting PvP. At some point during the battle the Dwarf places something on the ground – maybe a turret or some charges – and then proceeds to run around with a rifle and a battleaxe. Just thought I’d share it. 😉


  • I figured it out. For the longest time I couldn’t wrap my head around the videos I had seen of the game. I couldn’t understand why they made it look so slow and the fighting so stiff. When people attack one another, they run up quickly, STOP, click their button and stand there. At first this left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m used to PvP combat as WoW did PvP. People had almost full freedom to move while they were swinging away, except when they were casting something that required you stand still.

    Call me slow, but it recently dawned on me that WAR is going for something more tactical in its scope. Not as much twitch and not as much frantic bunny hoping. They way combat in WAR has been present thus far reminds me of playing a turn based strategy game. Almost like a real time version of Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Once I had considered this possibility, my excitement for the game nearly tripled and possibilities quickly began to spring up in my mind. An MMO that somehow manages to focus on strategy and deep tactics instead of FPS style twitch combat? It sounds wondrous and could be a true gem for all MMO fans that ALSO enjoy deep strategy.

    I for one, have discovered newfound hunger for this game. I MUST have it!

    /just my two cents. :o/

  • @Mcp: I agree!

    @Bart: There are several factors that contribute to the slower less spazztactical combat(from how I see it).

    1) Collision detection – you’re not going to run through or around a big orc very easily.

    2) Skills have to be built up – it takes time in combat to gain access to latter skills. It’s in the best interest of everyone to stay somewhat still to make sure abilities land. The deciding factor in a battle could be who gets access to their better skills first – I don’t know if that’s accurate but that’s my guess.

    3) The videos we have seen are really one of two things: Played by noobs or played by devs. Noobs won’t feel comfortable with the game yet and devs will purposely keep the characters still to show the animations.

    The basics will be like every other MMO but a few mechanics might make a difference.

  • This game needs to come out already. Or I need to get into the beta (not a member of the press, beta me!).

    I too have been surprised at the apparent slow pace of pvp combat . . . you can actually see what’s going on. That’s a pleasant surprise though. WoW pvp is so ridiculously twitchy most of the time it’s not even funny. And certain game features should prevent the two things I hated most about DAoC pvp – long duration CC and circle/strafe + run-throughs. My Warden could never even hit those wretched minstrels . . .

  • I know its not turn based. I was just saying the tactical aspect I thought I saw reminded me of a turn based game.

    Maybe itts just a slower pace than i’m used to, which could be nice.

  • It will definitely be better than the jumping and running around wildly swinging weapons like a lunatic ala WoW and LotRO.