AoC mount demonstration at GDC

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Graev pointed me towards a few fantastic AoC videos today. On you can find Parts 1 2 and 3 (Watch them in HD) of an AoC GDC ’08 demonstration. The mounts look fantastic. They all appear very different. When watching them interact with the player character and enviroment it’s obvious that they are very important to the developers. The focus is further proven by the developer’s comment in the video where the mounts are compared to GTA vehicles; some slower and less maneuverable, etc. Taking their time to develop this aspect of gameplay could be an indication that mounts aren’t the only gem. While the mounts were impressive they definitely weren’t what I was fixated on.

In the videos check out the animations and the graphics. The player character’s movements are all very well done. The horse and player animations during combat are very seamless. In the second video when the horse sprints it actually looks like a horse sprinting! Not to sound too much like a graphics whore (even though I won’t deny for a minute that I am) the environment has a great feel. I haven’t been following AoC as closely as Warhammer and it’s only because I really haven’t been given a reason to think that AoC will be able to compete with my love for RvR. If Funcom can continue to impress me like this though, I might have a really tough decision in a few months.

WTB AoC Beta, pst.

  • I haven’t followed AoC at all, but boy, those animations and the mounts look really good. Will have to keep an eye on this as well and will probably try it out just to see.

  • I think it’s being developed as a pvp and pve game. Guilds can build cities or forts I think and defend them against other players. I’m really going to have to find out more.

  • It’s going to be a hearty mix of both PvE and PvP. Think more along the lines of WoW today than WAR this year. Neither is favored, and both prosper. Whether or not this will be too centrist of a view on their audience remains to be seen.

    But like in WAR, so long as I can do both I’ll be happy. I believe their PvP focus is going to be on arenas for casual PvP and then the city sieges for the hardcore type. The city sieges will only be available to the top 8 or so guilds on a server though, that’s the downside I’m seeing. But from what I’ve read, said 8 guilds can hire (as in actually pay with in-game currency) non-guild members for the sieges.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out. I’m jonesing for it, that’s certain.