Keen’s Korner

Keen's KornerMaybe you know, maybe you don’t – I write for several gaming websites. The most recent addition to this list of sites is the Warhammer Vault over on IGN’s Vault Network. I’ve started an opinion column titled “Keen’s Korner” where I pick a Warhammer related topic (usually a hot topic or something in the news) and voice my opinion. In many way’s Keen’s Korner is similar to my blogging here.

I plan to update Keen’s Korner at least once a week with additional updates whenever there are big announcements that could benefit from my input. The topics covered in Keen’s Korner will likely all be covered here on my blog as well because I’m just that darn redundant.

My first entry in Keen’s Korner is something you might be familiar with. Mark Jacob’s recently revealed that he views beta as a phase for chucking things that simply don’t work. Want to know what I think about it? Check out Keen’s Korner: Beta is for Chucking.

  • Hopefully it wont stop you from posting here.

    Warhammervault is blocked at my work.

    Your blog isnt 😛

  • That’s awesome Keen. I’ll definitey put your column on my reading list. I always enjoy your perspective and thoughts on anything WAR related.