Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Gotta catch em allKeen and I have mentioned before that we are both pretty big Pokemon fans. We’ve played, and enjoyed, all the games but there is one thing that we have never actually done. That would be collecting ALL of the Pokemon available. There’s not really a good reason for this, either. I know I’ve told myself at the beginning of each game that I would do it this time but for some reason I always get side tracked with other stuff and never end up finishing. That is a thing of the past, however.

Just yesterday we started up new files, which was actually a difficult and confusing task in its own. We were about 30 minutes into our new games when we found out we couldn’t save over our old files. Apparently they added some new feature where you have to hold up, select, and B at the title screen in order to delete your old file. I really don’t see all the point of that, but if they’re going to make you delete your old file instead of saving over it then they shouldn’t even bother letting you start a new game until the old one is deleted.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. So after we deleted our old files we had to start over again, but we’re determined to do this and legitimately, too. The wifi trading thing seems a little appealing, but I’m paranoid that we’d get some sort of “illegitimate Pokemon” and it wouldn’t feel quite the same.

Here’s hoping that we actually see this through.

  • how many peeps think that mewtow is not a pokemon? well it is, i’ll give you the reason why. because it has hp and it has moves,mass,(weight),a cry and sise. think of it this way, what do you call a non-pokemon? well not a pokemon,or,if mewto wasnt a pokemon,then why is mewtow eeven in the pokemon game? i think he is a-awesome-pokemon