More Warhammer Beta Invites…

no beta for keen

For the second time this week a quote “big” wave of beta invitations for Warhammer Online has been sent out.

For the 1 2 3 4 5th (I lost count) time I remain beta-less. You’re pushing me to do unimaginative things here Mythic. I might actually take a page out of Richard’s book…

I can see it now… A cute little kitten looking up with big eyes… “I can has a beta invite?”. Don’t try me. I’ll do it.

  • The only way i’ve ever been invited to betas are by getting keys from friends, and even though i have a whole friggin resume to post with a professional background in software testing, and history of betaing since the dawn of man, i never get an invite. I think they are afraid of people who do s/w testing for real.. next time i’ll be sure to not put anything in the application form

  • They say that bloggers (those that they know of) they consider press, Keen. You likely won’t get in until some more “press” folks get in.

    Which is odd, because PvtHudson of Wife Aggro got in today… lucky SOB.

  • Keen, I hope you didn’t let them somehow tie your identity to your blogger one. Just apply with a non blogger identity 🙂 Yes this is tricksie and false(nasty hobbitses!), but if all you want to do is play and if you don’t break the NDA then I see no problem with a blogger playing (ahem, testing) a game early. Make sure to give them an alternate email not your blog one.

  • I’m stupid or incredibly honest, but yeah my account is tied to my blog. *bashes head against keyboard*

    Tricksie hobbitses… me likes.

  • I also put myself as “press” as I applied when I was working for LotRO Vault, which is considered “press” by them too.

    Damn me for being honest. Mark James was kind enough to remove that flag when I left LotRO Vault, but now they know me by my blog. I knew it was a bad idea to get addicted to Blogger.

  • I think I have bothered their beta center operators with too many emails because of false indications that I was in beta or that their system somehow misplaced me (I get the newsletter two weeks after everyone else).

    Usually I have better luck getting into Betas.

  • I don’t think running a personal blog about video games you play and are interested in prevents you from getting into beta. At least, it hasn’t been a limiting factor for several bloggers I know who just got in.

    You’re just damn unlucky, Keen!

  • One of the people who won my calendar contest a couple months back just got invited to beta… You just needed to win one of my calendars!!! 😛

  • In response to Pelkor:

    Now that I think about it.. every time I’ve posted for a beta stating my QA experience and background, I have not gotten an invite. Whenever I apply as a regular joe with no testing background, I get in in short order.

    I’d figure that a QA background would help as you have a history of bugtracking and logging, but I suppose they just want your typical end-user.