Epic Tackle at Gibara

Last night Pirates decided to put Gibara in to contention.  Credit for the idea goes to The Macabre who used turn-ins to get the port up to about 5,800 contention points.  Before the spike (terminology used to describe the fast rate of contention through turn-ins) Macabre informed the Pirate Nation via the Nation channel that this was the plan.  Within the first 30 minutes of contention the Pirates had Gibara up to about 7,000.  I was present in the area jumping Spanish House of Trade convoys for exp and personal contention with my society mate AL.

All was going well and I assume according to plan when unfortunately ATF (Spanish Society) decided to show up.  In an effort to stop them before they could begin their assault on lowering contention those of us brave enough to jump level 50’s raised our sails full mast and rushed at them head on.  The Macabre had a small group not in combat consisting of Halod Crane (leader) and another.  With Al at my side we raced towards this group of 4 – 6 ATF.  We weren’t going to catch them.  Their heading was backed by the wind and their lead ship had just initiated combat.  I knew it was up to me.  I realigned my heading, put my head down, and gunned it with all I had.

Right at the last second as all but one member of their group entered combat I snagged Manuela Galas just before she had time to enter with her group.  AL and the Macabre joined in the fight with me.  I had tackled a level 50 Triton Interceptor!  It wasn’t over yet though.  Manuela and I were side by side at the start of the fight and my backup was pretty far away.  It was my responsibility as tackle to keep her slowed and busy until the muscle could show up.  In a Mediator MC Cutter rigged for speed and stealth and only level 42 I’m no real match for a Triton but still capable of fulfilling my duty.  I used cut shroud to slow her sails and began blasting away with all 8 of my little guns.  Firing bar shot and star shot left and right I was able to hold her in combat until the cavalry arrived.

It was by far the greatest tackle I’ve done.  To catch a single ATF right before they join a battle with the rest of their group is a satisfying experience.   Unfortunately for us in the end there were too many low level Pirates being ganked by Spanish groups and we were unable to sustain contention.  We retreated for the night but it was worth it.  Thanks go out to the Macabre for their desire to contend a port – something we Pirates on Rackham need to do more often.

I recorded most of the fight but was unable to catch the open sea tackle since I was too busy setting myself up for the snipe.  The resolution for some reason is really bad on the video but it’s still neat to see.  Enjoy!


PS.  Thanks Manuela for the deed to your Triton. 😀

  • Looks like fun! I wish my friends would give this game a shot. I just can’t seem to play a MMORPG unless my guild is there with me. Luckily, about 50 of us will be switching to Warhammer soon!

  • Ok, how is what you did different from what you’ve been complaining about other people doing? You jumped on a ship that couldn’t catch you but you couldn’t beat, with the intention of stopping them from doing what they wanted to do, keeping them in combat until such time as others that could defeat the ship showed up. The triton never had any choice except to wait to die.

    That sounds just as unpleasant for the triton as when you’ve been engaged by small fast ships that you can’t catch who keep you in combat while their buddies slip into a contested port.

  • Couple thing wrong with what you said Graktar.

    1. The Triton Interceptor CAN out run me.
    2. They were attacking players half their level. We attacked them to protect our people.
    3. We had the intent to fight. I wasn’t keeping him in combat just to be an ass. I was slowing him down keeping him unable to run. I was tackling.
    4. The Triton was firing back at me.

    Very different situation from what I’ve been complaining about. I’ve been complaining about people in fast ships attacking myself or my group without the intent to fight but the intent to keep us in combat as long as possible for nothing more than the pleasure of knowing they wasted our time.

    Hopefully I’ve made the difference between the two clear.

  • When all the Spanish groups showed up, why did the pirate nation, not go rack up unrest on another port (grenville, havana, random british port, etc.)?

    Leaving the Spanish to drop unrest for the next several hours, while you go and raise it somewhere else (doesn’t even matter which nation), would do way more damage, leave you with more PvP zones, and generate juicier targets in the long run.

  • We went to Puerto Cabeszas(sp?) and did some unrest generating aftert failing at Gibara that night.

    Good news is that Gibara was put into conquest mode early this morning by some hardcore PvE. I was only there for teh last hour of it but some folks really put their nose to the grindstone and got things done.