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Tortuga Stage PerformersPositioned at the center of all the action in Antilles and capital of the Pirate Nation, Tortuga is a shining beacon of Pirates of the Burning Sea’s potential. It’s one of a kind right now. It’s a unique looking port that offers atmosphere, story, utility, and a level of quality that FLS needs to recognize and expand upon. It’s the only port in the entire Caribbean that feels lived in. It’s the only port that feels alive and thriving. The entire city is an adventure in and of itself.

As you enter the city you are greeted with a dark and foreboding foggy dock with large ships floating in the harbor. As you work your way throughout the city the first thing you should notice is how enormous Tortuga is compared to other ports in the game. ThisTortuga Inferno is purely a guesstimate but I would say it’s easily 4x the size of any other port in the game. In fact, Tortuga is so enormous that there are “smugglers routes” which act as teleports within the city taking you from one location to another instantly. If you take your time and explore the city you’re in for a treat.

Tortuga has a fantastic design. The city seems divided in to several quarters all with a unique and thrilling atmosphere. There are the docks, fortress, classic “city”, Inferno, swamp, and caverns. I’ll expand on a few of these areas. The entire city seems to be built around a volcano. As you travel in to the center of Tortuga you can enter in to the Inferno and see the molten rocks and lava flowingTortuga Swamp through the city. Working out from the center there is the classic city and then the docks. The swamp area towards the back of the city reminds me a lot of the swamp scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Almost every corner you turn in the city you’re sure to find something new.

I’ve said it several times; PotBS lacks the adventure feeling found in traditional MMORPGs. However, for the first time ever I found that feeling. I found it in Tortuga. The city itself is an adventure. Traveling through the streets you’ll hear NPCs talking, singing, dancing, performing on stages, and offering quests. Here’s the real gem of Tortuga. The quests are actually the best in the entire game. Reason being that they, unlike quests in the rest of the world, offer good rewards (stuff you’ll actually use!) and an amazing story. I don’t want to give too much away but if you’re like me (and you probably are if you like PotBS), you’re a sucker for this time Tortuga Dockperiod. Knights Templar, The Inquisition, Captain Kidd, spys and subterfuge, assassination, and all sorts of adventure await you in the Tortuga questlines.

From reading the patch notes and what FLS has planned for the future of the game I think they’re on to their success with Tortuga. I think they understand that they need to make each nation’s city offer everything that Tortuga does. That can’t be where it stops. The game needs ports throughout the entire game in all level ranges that offer this same type of gameplay experience. In my opinion the PvE gameplay would rival the PvP if we had more of what Tortuga has to offer. There is lots of potential here. The ball is rolling! Just keep the momentum going.


  • After playing a week in the beta, I just couldn’t get past the fact that all of the towns were carbon copies of eachother. Why bother making all of those nifty singing NPC’s when they are inhabiting carbon-copy cities? I didn’t get it, I don’t get it now!

  • I completely understand Earnest Dodge. That’s what makes Tortuga worth talking about. It’s different and it’s how the rest of the game should be designed. Anyone who skips Tortuga is really missing out on something.

  • Nice write up Keen! According to various interviews with the devs, they have an ongoing project to redesign all the cities. The first content patch will include a new Point-a-Pitre (French capital) to match Tortuga, and they will also change 4 towns – one from each nation. Not sure which towns those will be but I’m guessing starter towns?

  • im amased that you feel this way. Sure It is big and interesting but the few quest lines it offers (so far im lvl 34) dont seem to make up for the utter confusion and distance it is to get anything done in the city. Just seeing the trainers is a chor.

    Hopefully there will be a pay off but for me its a pain

  • I had the same feelings early on. The city seemed enormous and just too big to justify what utility it had. Over time though I learned the layout and the smuggler routes. Now it takes less than a minute to cross the entire city and I know where everything is at.

    The rewards are great and the quest lines are interesting.

  • There are many of us that hate the size of Tortuga. Taking an entire minute to walk through a town (when we’d rather be sailing), is ridiculous.