Warhammer Online January Newsletter!

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Lots of information in this month’s Warhammer Online Newsletter!

The Goods and my thoughts:

An indepth look at the Shadow Warrior – He looks like a ninja with a bow. In fact, he looks like a freaking awesome ninja with a freaking awesome bow. Just check out these pictures that show the tier progression of the Shadow Warrior’s freaking awesomeness. (End the use of freaking awesome). Overall the class will appeal to many as the ranged DPS class with unlimited ammo. It’s definitely going to be, in my opinion, the biggest draw for anyone to play Order.

Tier 1 Shadow Warrior Tier 4 Shadow Warrior High Tier Shadow Warrior

An introduction to Scenarios – Time based, score based, essentially they are battlegrounds.

Public Quest (PQ) Boss Prologue: Lorkoth and Scornlash – Looks neat-o.

Averlorn Zone Overview – Looks like Hibernia. Me likey.

The Trophy System – “The idea behind trophies is to create an additional level of visual customization for your character. For example, let’s say you kill a badass dragon. Some MMOs will make sure the dragon drops some great loot (we’ll do that, too). In WAR, if you kill the dragon, we’ll give you a trophy you can wear that shows you killed the dragon!” Possibly the neatest system we’ll see in the game. As long as I can adorn my belt with the beards of all the dwarves I slay then I’ll be happy.

Beta Journal – The adventures of someone in beta or something. /hate on them for being in beta!

The infamous Grab Bag – This month’s grab bag is comprised of questions asked from a specific fansite. This month the questions came from War-RvR.net. Decent questions but nothing ground shaking, life altering, or new. The questions did seem to follow a theme of classes though. The most interesting was the one asking if cloth armored mages will get their rumps handed to them. Resists will apparently play a big role in keeping squishies alive.

Last but not least, Paul’s Video Blogs – Great as usual.

Closing thoughts:

I feel this month’s newsletter was a decent one. The lack of new information saddens me but we get plenty of goodies to look at and some much needed in-depth looks at the trophy system and scenarios. I would really like to see more broad and overview’ish questions answered in the grab bags instead of the tiny specifics. An closer look at taking keeps would be a fantastic addition to next month’s newsletter – hint. hint. Overall, good stuff.

Updates #1: The following are also considered in the Newsletter.

Dev Profiles:
Mike Stone, Development Manager
Kevin Boehm, Lead Artist.

Trophy Development Video
January’s Video of the Month