PotBS Adventure Log: Updates on where I’m at

Since the last few posts on the blog were lost with the little incident we experienced this morning I’ll briefly recap what I have been up to in PotBS and where I’m at now.

I’ve come a long way since the devastating losses mentioned in the Risk vs Reward entry. I’m slowly getting back on my feet financially by supplying goods to regular buyers. I’m working hard at becoming a known supplier of Brass Ship Fittings, Brass Ingots, and Zinc Ore. I’ve captured a full dry dock of ships and I have several ship deeds waiting for use when I am high enough level. I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t be doing any major PvP right now in huge “tanking” ships but I can easily play the tackler. Although I feel less important as a tackler especially since my tackling ship is sub par, I still feel that I can contribute to the pvp in some way.

The past few days have been fantastic for pvp. We started out the week by picking off anyone entering red circles and have steadily annihilated any and all contention in the past two ports to show unrest. It’s been fun sinking so many ships. Over the past 3 days my group of 3 (sometimes 4) has sunk upwards of 50 ships. Our losses have been less than 5 ships total. That’s a fairly impressive ratio if I do say so myself.

So right now I’m not completely recovered but slowly making my way there. Since hitting rock bottom there’s really only one way to go: up.