California at Christmas Time

I have nothing game related for you today.  Enjoy a picture of where I live!  Those mountains are about 45-1hr away and the beach is just as close the other way.  Southern California in the winter.  Gotta love it.

Socal at Xmas

  • And to think I have over two feet of snow on my lawn…

    Just one of the many benefits of living in Northern Ontario Canada! 😉

  • I myself could never imagine Christmas without snow and cold weather. It brings everyone together and it feels so great to be nice and warm inside while looking outside and seeing snow and cold.
    I doubt I’d ever be able to live for more than a year in a place like California.

  • Even better, if you live in Cali long enough you can’t imagine Christmas without sunny days like he pictured.

    I hear Christmas in Australia though, is really strange. It’s HOT down there. People go to the beach. Weird.

  • Hey it gets cold in Socal! We had a low of 40 last night and this morning it was 62 in the house. Had to find a blanket. 😉