Socal Fires

Oh noes it’s not a gaming topic!

Much of Southern California is burning right now from San Diego to north of LA. SoE announced that they’re operating on limited support due to the wildfires in the San Diego area. A few of my fellow bloggers out there have had to evacuate their homes and work places and I wish them the best of luck. As for me, there are 6-8 fires burning locally and two fires close nearby – about 15 minutes away – but I’m surrounded by this wonderful concrete jungle of suburbs.

The sky has been all orange and brown since lastnight (almost looks like the horizon is on fire… probably is) and if you go outside you best do so with one of those masks. I just took the trash out and my chest burns. 🙁

Again, I wish my friends well and SoE please don’t burn down just as I was thinking about getting back into EQ2.

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