Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii

Graev and I are fans of pretty much anything Mario. It’s been some time since I have actually been playing seriously on the Nintendo Wii because honestly there just isn’t that many games out that can hold my attention long enough. Last week we picked up Mario Strikers Charged; the latest in Mario games based on the sport game of Soccer or “Football”. At first glance I dismissed the game as another sports game perhaps with some cute characters. But once I gave the game a try I am now hooked.

Mario Strikers ChargedMario Strikers Charged isn’t a sports game… okay I guess it is but it’s not! Yes you play it like you would soccer in that your goal is to get the ball through the goal protected by a goalie. You get to choose a captain and 3 team mates ranging from the usual suspects (Mario, Wario, Luigi, Bowser, Baby Bowser, and so on) and get to select your team from Hammer Bros, Koopa Troopa, Boos, Toady and a good many more. The method to this lovable madness is balancing the stats of your team. You don’t want to have your whole team slow moving defensive characters that can’t pass the ball to save their own shell. You need speed, passing ability, defense, playmakers, shooters, and you need to have a solid captain. Once you get to know each of the captains and team members enough you learn that their “dekes” or special abilities are varied. No two characters play exactly the same so you need to learn what works for you.

At first I was extremely frustrated with the game because it is so ridiculously fast paced that it borders chaos. With the ability to pass the ball in the air or the ground and have the enemy easily slide in or jump kick it and pass it to their team you have to learn the feel of the game before you can truly enjoy the experience. I was borderline quitting two nights ago before I decided to give the game one last go. I pleaded with Graev (who like usual has absolutely no trouble picking these games up and being a pro) to teach me the tricks and tell me how he does the jump shots and sick slides. After a brief lesson and putting up with him going easy on me I finally can hold my own. The chaos doesn’t feel overwhelming and I am actually winning for a change.

Recently the Wii has been going online more and more. Mario Strikers Charged allows for you to hook up with other players and compete in games. Graev and I can both play against someone or someones if they have a friend or family member playing with them. Despite the fact that I love to hog the ball I think Graev and I make a great team. If any of you out there have Mario Strikers Charged and want to give us a little challenge we would love to play with you! Just leave a comment or email us to let us know you’re interested and we can exchange friend codes.

Pick it up! Great game.

  • You send me a copy, and we’re on. 😉

    I’ve got to start saving my extra paychecks for all these damn games coming out…