The Keen and Graev Podcast Episode 1

Keen and Graev have joined the world of audio blogging! Yep we have done our first Podcast show of what we hope to be many more to come. So what exactly was our reason behind doing a podcast? We decided that there are some things that you just can’t relate to in the words of a blog entry. Many times we ramble to each other for The Keen and Graev Podcasthours about what the gaming industry needs or what a particular game should change and sometimes we just like to talk about anything gaming related because that’s our hobby! Right now we plan to record an episode once every two weeks and we plan to have each show run approximately 20-30 minutes. It’s our goal to take topics from our blog, the blogs we read, and the gaming industry in general and talk about them in more detail than someone visiting the blog would care to read.

Given that this is our first show and the fact that neither of us know what we’re doing when it comes to creating a podcast you can expect the sound quality to be unprofessional and to hear us ramble on for a bit. We’re still learning and in the end as long as we get what we wanted to say across to our listeners then we have accomplished our goal. We hope you enjoy the first Episode and your feedback is more than welcome. As I said before the sound quality is something we are still learning to control and hopefully we can only improve for the future.

You can hear the podcast right here from our blog by clicking the play button on the embedded player in the navigation menu. We hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 1 Show Notes:

– Introduction
– What are we playing now and what are we looking forward to?
– Wrath of the Lich King and why we won’t be playing.
– Is the honeymoon over for LOTRO? (Blog Post)
– Are Fantasy MMO’s a one way street? (I’m all leveled out on Fantasy MMORPGs)
– Question the Norm and change things up!
Melmoth’s Tree Analogy
– Our hopes for Pirates of the Burning Sea
– We talk Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
– Wrapping it up
Bildo’s Blog
Common Sense Gamer
The Ancient Gaming Noob

  • Just listened to your first podcast. I enjoyed it.

    Hearing you talk about LOTRO saddens me. I can’t say i’m surprised. Your issues seem like they were things that we all suspected were coming, but tried not to think about. That was my situtation at least. I feared that LOTRO would send me down the path that WoW did, just in a different enviroment. I only stuck with it for as long as I did because I met you and Arke. Hopefully we can all still have fun and/or find something else to spend our time on until another MMORPG comes out that catches our interest.

    Oh well. Ohio is alright. Its just Ohio, only flat land and corn fields really. I’m coming back in 5 days (this tuesday). Its going to be a long day for me but I plan to try and get on later in the night. Maybe i’ll catch you guys on.

    Until then, talk to you later.

  • Hey Bart! Good to hear from you. Regardless of my slow impending burnout on LOTRO I am still playing because right now there just isn’t anything else. We know about PotBS and Warhammer Online and I’ll definitely be playing those.

    Look forward to playing with you again on Tuesday. 🙂

  • Upon playing Keen and Graev’s podcast through my stereo it removed all unnatural odours from my home, improved growth in my house plants by forty percent and polished my cat to a healthy shine.

    All this and it was good to listen to as well.

    Thanks Keen and Graev!

  • Overall a good podcast, I’m sure they’ll just get better with more experience. I must say Graev reminds me a lot of Napolean Dynamite! 🙂

  • I wanted to say I enjoyed listening to your podcast. And I recently drove through Ohio and my way home to Indiana and back east. Look forward more in the future.

  • Thanks for the feedback and comments guys. 🙂 We’re definitely going to work on the sound quality as we progress into new episodes. The biggest deal for us was to actually find out how to record it and get the first one done. Now we can spend time learning how to fine tune the process and use sound editing programs to further raise the quality of the sound and the show.

    Thanks again for the feedback. 🙂