Slayer of Servants Four and a glimpse of Thorog!

Lastnight I was invited by Reunion to join them on yet again another weekend Helegrod run. This was the most fun I’ve had in Helegrod thus far. We started by quickly clearing out the trash towards the spider boss because we had actually cleared the giant in an impromptu raid Saturday night. Things went extremely smooth for a good majority of the raid being “Pickups” or “Invited friends”.

We first cleared the spider which was nothing new to me since I had done her before and then we moved on to the Drake boss. (These bosses have names but I totally can’t remember them so I’ll refer to them by their common name Spider, drake, etc.) The Drake boss was a really intriguing process. As you progress through the various corridors you come upon these squares on the floor that you must leave someone behind standing on. When the rest of the raid moves on that person on the square then triggers a lever on the wall near them without leaving the floor. This opens a series of doors which allows the main portion of the raid to advance through and eventually to the main room where those on the squares can rejoin the raid. The Drake boss himself was also some what of a change from the norm because you had the main humanoid and 4 adds. Each from worm was tanked and the two drakes behind were CC’d by the Lore-Masters. After the main boss dies you finish the adds one at a time. Apparently if you don’t CC the adds they can breathe fire and wipe the raid. Good to know!

So that’s 3/3 bosses 1 shotted by this raid tonight and we were an hour ahead of schedule. What do you do when you’ve done so great so far? You attempt the impossible of course! Yet we made an attempt on Thorog for the heck of it. This guy is in a league of his own let me tell you. He’s nothing like the rest of the entire instance at all. Everything else you can get on the 1st-3rd try without even being experienced raiders. Thorog on the other hand requires practice and much skill at both the game and your class. First off in preperation for this beast everyone needs to bring a hope token – the +5 kind that cost a fortune on the auction house. You also need health potions, fear potions, and a lot of money to repair your armor when you’ve died 10 times.

Needless to say we didn’t beat Thorog. He does this ability where when he flies in and lands he breathes on the entire raid (Think Onyxia from WoW) and he will wipe out your entire group instantly if you don’t do the secret trick. What trick is that? WOOT Captains are finally important! Yep that’s right Captains use “In Harm’s Way” and “Last Stand” to make the group and themselves invulnerable to damage for 15 seconds. This allows Thorog to breathe all he wants and the raid will remain alive and kickin’. Not only that but Captains have the only fear remover ability for a group thus making us gods when it comes to removing the “bomb” from a person so they don’t blow up on the raid. So that’s all I will share with you for now on Thorog but you can read the full strategy for this beast here at Preying-mantis.

So yep a fun night in Helegrod. I am now known as Man-At-Arms Graev, Slayer of Servants Four… and if they had the title “Thorog’s Dinner” I’d have that too.

Helegrod1 Helegrod2 Helegrod3

  • Nicely done, Keen! It almost makes me sad I didn’t slog my way up to 50 just yet. I will one day I’m sure, but by then no one will be doing Helegrod… 😛