The scale of Warhammer and tidbits of info!

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Browsing around for videos of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, like I usually do on a Sunday afternoon, yielded surprising results.  We’ve seen video clips showcasing the graphics, the combat, and other small details.  In this video from the Warhammer Vault EA Mythic gives us a look at a Scenario in progress.  I know what you’re probably thinking… so what?  Download the video here.
Watching this video really gives you a sense of just how big the scale of this world is going to be.  Look at the enormous structures looking overhead and the vast towns.  If you recall from a previous blog entry I quoted Paul Barnett saying that the streets will be ailve with beggers and peasants and it will feel like it is real.  Now to me that’s a lot of work!  I hope they can not only deliver on that promise but much more.

Now to further showcase the massive world check out this video from a French fansite showcasing Praag, Altdorf, Black Craag, Temple of Tzeentch, and Reikland!  The world is enormous and it takes this dev a very long time to traverse the different areas even with some crazy speed buff on.  Something to note, in addition to the amazing and beautiful enviroment, is the quest locations.  To me they seem extremely out of the way and placed in locations that would be tedious to go back and forth from.  However if you listen carefully you will notice the dev say that the locations are in fact RVR enabled so hopefully the action packed adventuring fills in for what looks to be a lot of running.   Also note the corridors of the streets of the cities.  They are not populated or “living” to me.  Hopefully that changes as beta progresses.

So there you have two videos showcasing the world of Warhammer but that’s not all I have for you this afternoon!  Lurking various boards I came across some information I thought I would pass along to all of you.  Thanks to KyanMehwulfe for the following information:

-Guilds will have levels and lots of feature/ability customization
-18 months ETA for max level guild, 24 months for RvR player ranks
-Best armor set from capital city seige
-Day/night = quick; holidays from Warhammer lore
-You can’t actually PvP everywhere in a city siege, only in a flagged area (Unexpected… I assumed the city would be full RvR)

The one that stands out to me the most is the last one.  You can’t actually pvp everywhere in a city siege.  That makes sense to me given that players will need some place to be safe so they can respawn but it does make you wonder if players will be able to escape the combat by crossing some “line”.  The whole pop out and shoot then duck behind the safe line tactics from previous MMO’s comes to mind.  I would love to see footage of a city siege where it showcased a player dieing and returning to the fight.  Hopefully when a city is truly under siege by another realm it will be a very bad thing for the defenders.  It shouldn’t be a “who cares let them have it because our vendors are safe over here” type thing.  It should be “crap if we don’t defend or take that back we won’t have access to X”.

That’s all I hvae for you this afternoon!  I hope you’ve all had a great weekend so far and have a great Sunday evening. 

  • I assume the non-full RvR reasons are for those who don’t wish to participate. RvR and PvP focused or not, EAMythic wants to topple WoW in a lot of regards, one of them being sub numbers, or at least to make a dent in them. And to do that, they’ll have to make sure the PvE crowd has somewhere to play and not get pillaged when they step into their city.

    I bet we can rest assured that it won’t really effect the RvR. PvE slant or not, this game’s all about WAR, eh?

  • Ugh… more invites went out today. Still no luck here. But I can’t really complain. The beta gods have been very kind to me. Any luck on your end?

  • I’ve been looking at the various Warhammer videos myself the last day or so. Some really good stuff out there. I don’t know as much as I need to know about Warhammer, but hopefully further reading and research will fix that. I had not seen the data on the number of months needed to hit max guild level or RvR level. I’m assuming those are kind of an “average”, not hardcore? If so, that’s probably good for me, since I typically start to hit a bit of burnout at the 18 month to 2 year mark.