World of WarCraft players can rejoice….

… but they’ll still be doing it without me. Yep the Northrend rumors are true and confirmed at Blizzcon and we now have a bit more info out there for you sponges to absorb.

*Introduction of the Death Knight as a playable dark necromantic character class.
*New zones, quests, items and monsters packed into the Northrend, an icy continent that is home to the Lich King.
*Raised level cap to 80
*New battlegrounds featuring siege engines and destructible buildings.
*More character customization, including hair, dances and skin color.

Now although I will never play WoW again, and this is even moreso backed up by the revelation that this will likely be more of the same old raiding, I must admit the things I saw in this official trailer look really impressive. Blizzard has always been able to capture my attention with their trailers and cinematic’s. If I have one regret in not playing World of WarCraft it will be missing the storyline for the WarCraft Lore progress… even as bastardized as it has become.

Check out the trailer and see for yourself! Arthas looks really good. 😉


  • Hehe, just do as I said and check out the footage on Youtube. It won’t be the same as actually doing it, but then 95% of the players won’t ever have that privelege either.

  • I admit, I probably won’t buy this expansion. As much as I have enjoyed WoW in the past, I’m not sure I got enough out of TBC to justify paying so much for it when other games often put out expansions more often and for free (true they have less content, but when so much of WoW’s content is raiding stuff that I won’t make use of anyway, what’s the difference?). I find myself looking at this one and going, “sure, it looks cool, but… meh.”