Because I am oldschool… “Ding!” Level 50!

Yep I finally hit level 50 in LOTRO. I’ve had 3 previous chars reach level 30+ and this being my fourth has finally made it to level 50. The adventure was a long one (not really, it’s been less than a month?) and sadly much if it was much more boring than I had hoped. Looking back at the leveling process in LOTRO I must say that my favorite aspet of the game has been the storyline quests, or “Books”. These story quests are the saving grace for LOTRO’s PVE game because without them you would have a game so jam packed full of quests to kill boars and wargs that most players would burn at at level 35.

There are a few people I would like to thank. First and foremost Bartlebe and Beoarke must receive the greatest thanks from me because these guys have been my leveling buddies from day one. Without their help and support I don’t think any of us would have even decided to try the PVE game again and abandon our monster characters. Next I would like to thank the members of Oakenshield Templars. Questor and Proator have been really great about helping us with the quests that required a bit more strength than we could muster.

So now I have finally accomplished all that I have wanted to truly accomplish in LOTRO. Now I move on to my secondary list of obtaining higher PVMP ranks and exploring the dungeons and “end-game” pve aspects of LOTRO.

  • Grats, Keen. What was the /played on him?

    My 36/37 Champ is still around 3 days, which shocked the crap out of me. LotRO is a very fast leveling game.

  • Grats! Similar to you I have 4 characters now in their 30’s, two of them sitting at 39. My 39 captain had become my main. One week and one day /played. I spend a bit of time dilly dallying around