Warhammer Online redefines the quest log, cities, and bragging rights.

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I love learning more about Warhammer: Age of Reckoning! While watching this video from Comic-Con I thought I would share a bit of really cool information that might not necessarily be new to everyone but it’s definitely worth the time to talk about it. Mythic is really taking realm pride to the next level. You’ll hear Paul Barnett often speaking of bragging rights and in this video you will see this one gentleman (name escapes me) speaking more on bragging rights and just what it means to fight for your realm.

The biggest “cool” factor in realm pride has to be the hyped city takeovers. When your realm seizes another realm’s city it’s not going to just be a static town with a single purpose. You’ll be able to pick up a torch on the ground and burn a building and pillage the loot. You’ll be able to kill or humiliate the enemy leader and brag about it. There’s going to be almost this sick “We rule you drool” mentality to it and that’s something that has always been lacking from any previous PVP/RVR system. There’s never been a true and real purpose to it. DAOC had the realm pride on a minor scale with just the sheer “We hate you” type conflict but WAR is taking it to a whole new level of “Look what we did to you!”. To me that’s important because I need a purpose to keep playing and more importantly to keep pvping. It’s not mindless killing.

On the flip side we have the PVE aspect of Warhammer. Yeah it’s going to be 10-15% of the game or less especially later on in tiers but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Mythic is redefining the normal quest log. The Tomb of Knowledge does away with the “what quests have I done and what do I do next” aspect of many quest logs and journals and innovates the entire mechanic into, again, a “Look what I did!”. The term “Sticker book” and “book of your life” are mentioned in the video and to me that redefines the purpose of PVE. As you progress through the PvE game the book will unlock more and you’ll gain abilities and experience and bragging rights. So again more PURPOSE!

Again this is not new but the video goes into a bit of detail on the trophies you can wear on your character and the customization you’ll have to show that you are a force to be reckoned with. If you look like you’re a tough cookie then you ARE a one tough cookie. Mmm cookies.

So just more reason to be excited about Warhammer guys! Thanks to Fred from MMOExplorer for the link to the video!