Slow weekend update

Well the weekend has been a slow one for my gaming.

In LOTRO I’ve been playing my Captain when I get a chance and he is now up to level 31 (few bars from 32). My group that I exp with is headed to the Evendim content so this should be a really exciting week. I have yet to explore much of Evendim at all except for the first few areas. So far the Captain is without a doubt the most fun class in LOTRO. They have so many abilities usable in combat and out of combat along with reactionaries and buffs – good stuff.

In other news I have been playing Resistance Fall of Man on the PS3 with Graev. We are almost done with the game sadly. So far the gameplay is fantastic. The controls are great and some of the weapons are really unique. The storyline is the weak point of the game for sure. In more console news Graev just beat Darkness for Xbox360 and he enjoyed it.

That’s all for now! Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend.