What the cluck?

Recently Turbine announced the soon to come “session play” feature for LOTRO. Here’s the official quote:

Session Play is a new system that allows you to play as a character other than your normal character. These characters do not have permanence, so you don’t keep them like you do your Free Peoples or monster play characters. You could play as a Ranger, a Troll, or… a chicken. It’s an opportunity to explore Middle-earth from a different – and sometimes unexpected – viewpoint.

So uh.. yeah.. what happened to these massive lore restrictions? We aren’t allowed to have PVP servers because that would not be canon. We can’t have more classes because that wouldn’t fit the world. We are limited on our race choices in order to be consistent. Yet here we have… Chickens? I’m confused and perhaps I am reading this all wrong but from what I have read players will have the opportunity to run around the world as chickens. CHICKENS!

I hate the idea and it baffles me why things like chickens are making it into the game when there is still a list of things the game needs. Let’s hope they are limited on where they can go in the world because the thought of seeing a dozen chickens in Bree makes me ill.

**Addition at 11:45am PST**

It appears that this is indeed on a lesser scale for two of the playables. As noted in the comments section of this post the Rangers and Trolls are monster play additions. I find this idea to be fantastic because it definitely is needed to fluff up a flat part of the game and it fits the “feeling” of the game. The devs touched on the trolls and rangers as one-time-plays that are purchased with destiny points. So once again I’m fine with that.

I still have it out for the chickens though. Taken directly from the sneak peak:

As a feathered fortune-seeker you can talk to other animals and learn more about the world from the point of view of characters like Old Sally, Wolf, Grip, and Fang, and other famous and furry personalities from The Lord of the Rings Online. Talk to a cat in the Cat Lady’s house in Bree, or meet the im-peck-able Radagast. This new experience will give you a view of the story line from a different perspective and introduces unique skills, quests, accomplishments, and even an alternative way to earn Destiny Points during your explorations!

So these damn chickens are actually going to be running around in Bree and Lone-Lands (those are the only two I’ve confirmed from the text). I won’t lie, I’m cynical when it comes to things like this. It seems ‘cheesy’ to have this little “oh hey lets go talk to people as a chicken to find out what they think about talking to chickens!” Do any of you seriously think Radagast the Brown talking to a chicken is a “neat thing”?

Ranger and Troll – perfectly acceptable. Chickens – Why?

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