Could this summer be a gaming slump?

The past four days have been downright awful.  At first I thought I was just burning out on Lord of the Rings Online so I tried EQ2.  The feeling of boredom returned so I tried Battlefield 2142 (in case it was a MMO thing).  No, Bf2142 was boring as well.  Then I tried a few console games, more LOTRO, and about four other games before I realized this was a familiar feeling.  I’m in a gaming slump.  But why?!

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately browsing message boards, official sites, and fansites for the upcoming games I am interested in playing.  Pirates of the Burning Sea and Warhammer Online are definitely in the forefront of this list for obvious reasons.  So as I was browsing the boards this afternoon it came to me – could this be a self inflicted slump?  Could I be subconsciously tossing aside great games because I know something better is being developed?  You know the feeling, right?  A huge title you are looking forward to has about 3-4 months more until it launches and you know you’re going to drop everything and play that title for days straight.  That anxious waiting turns to anxiety and then … the dreaded slump.

Right now as I write this I am going over in my head what I could possibly play to get me out of this rut.  I want to play a MMORPG but I don’t want to resub to something old and on it’s way out.  Heck I would love to play more LOTRO if I could just get past that sick feeling of “Ugh this could take 3 more weeks to hit level 50”.  I would welcome any advice on how to get over this literal hell.  At this rate the summer is going to be very hot and very slow.

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