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Cuppy over at Cuppytalk has tasked players with finding the sheer beauty, realism, and artistic quality in MMO’s. I always enjoy finding those perfect landscape shots as I am adventuring through the lands of make-believe. So with this challenge presented I started digging through my archives of screenshots and I stumbled upon this little gem. I think it’s definitely one of the most beautiful from any MMO out there.

** I added an additional screenshot.

My system is running on a Nvidia 7950gt and my in-game settings are maxed out. Yes, I play at these settings with zero lag. One of the many reasons I love LOTRO. Click the image to enlarge.

LOTRO Landscape Pretty LOTRO screenshot 2

  • That right one’s the better of the two. Ford of Bruinen?

    You know what’s crazier? I’ve been there all of two times, and if I’m right, that means LotRO’s art team did something right. It’s just a river and its recognizable.

  • loos awesome. I like style best better than realism. though even its close

    the only thing about LOTR is that it looks better in SS, in motion its a bit stiff.

    but aside from being a negitive nancy, those are some good looking shots!