Blizzard files a federal lawsuit against a gold farming company…

Once again while browsing various message boards I have come across a topic worth discussing. Blizzard has filed a federal lawsuit against “Peons4hire” which is apparently a “Popular gold-selling organization.” Seriously who out there has heard about this company or any of its subsidiaries? Anyone? No I didn’t think so. “Peons4hire” apparently has been spamming in-game ads to players for some time and Blizzard has ordered a cease of all in-game activities or further legal action will be taken.

So why sue Peons4hire simply because they spam in-game ads? You have companies out there like IGE that bring in millions of dollars in revenue and they go untouched. They advertise freely over the entire internet in google ads, big flashy banners, and they once again go untouched. So I ask again why is it that Blizzard deems Peons4hire such a threat? I have an opinion on this and if you can’t tell by my tone already I’m quite cynical on the topic. It’s my firm belief that this is nothing more than a “look at us!” PR stunt to appease the masses in their game for the masses. They know Peons4hire is too small to have any financial clout and thus can not and will not even put up a fight. Simply put Blizzard is too afraid to take on a corporation that might win against them and they dare not have bad press.

Heck with me posting this blog I am giving them exactly what they want. They want this is get out there and be seen by people. But honestly I needed to get this out and hopefully others will see it the way I have. Hopefully others will see this for what it is and not for what it’s being masked to look like.

  • This may be just a tad off topic……..

    Yesterday in my LOTRO game, I received in game mail from a company wanting to sell me gold for LOTRO. They were having a big sale etc…….

    Now I really don’t care if people buy gold to help themselves in the game. It does not hurt me a bit. It may actually help me since one of these gold buyers may have purchased 100 rich iron ingots from me. It my screw with the economy just a bit because people with gold in hand, will purchase over priced items. But one thing for sure, I don’t want to read spam advertising in the chat window nor do I want to receive in game mail about a company selling gold or anything else.

    I do not have any proof but I think the game companies are behind the gold selling. It is a very simple way of increasing their profit. It’s not costing them anything to collect your hard earned dollars and then give you 10, 20, 30 gold. What’s funny is the Devs complain about companies selling gold. The Devs are complaining all the way to the bank.

    If we stand for ads in game it will be out of control quickly. It is just another way for game makers to earn more money. Don’t get me wrong, I want the Devs and investors to make money so the game will continue but force feeding me advertising is the last straw.

    I just hit level thirty and have 3 gold. Mostly from collecting ore and then selling ingots.

    If you want to buy some rich iron ore contact Bart. Hows that for advertising, LOL!!!!!

  • I’ve considered the idea that Blizzard could be behind a lot of these companies selling gold. It wouldn’t be entirely unheard of for a company to get in on the ground level of sales in their games. SOE has “exchange servers” where people can buy and sell items for real currency.

    Definitely possible.

  • I must be the only person who really doesn’t mind the gold selling and advertising. The in-game advertising can be a little annoying, but it is not out of control. My email inbox is a lot worse.

    With regards to buying gold, I could care less. The only game that it bothered me in was Lineage 2. In that game there were farmers everywhere. I do not see too many farmers in EQ2.

  • In all honesty it doesn’t bother me if people buy the gold. It’s their money to spend. I don’t mind the in-game ads because I can ignore them. The ONLY thing that bugs me is the farmers playing characters and taking up space in-game.

    As for this situation it just bugs me that Blizzard chooses to sue for in-game ads and not for the actual violations of their EULA.