Meet Rargh the Ogre Fury! I decided to pick up EQ2 lastnight from BestBuy and luckily they had a copy of the Echoes of Faydwer in stock. The box came with all the expansions and the original game so that was fantastic news (No clue where my old info is). So I created a new account today and decided a support class that can solo is the way I want to go! A druid with heals and dps is quite convenient so I went with that. For the race I decided I wanted to be something unique and “odd” so I went with Ogre. Yep I’m probably the only Ogre Fury on Antonia Bayle.

Cuppycake called me ugly. 🙁 What do you think?

I’m lucky enough to now belong to Mistwalkers, a rather large and very friendly guild. My goals with EQ2 this time around are simple. I want to work my way through the content at a very comfortable rate and hopefully end up raiding something casually. The biggest mistake that I made last time through was not taking the time to smell the roses and enjoy the finer points of the game like player housing, roleplaying, and group content.

If you’re on the Antonia Bayle Server look me up! I’m always up for a group for anything.

  • Ugly? Wellllllll…maybe just a bit? 🙂

    Welcome to AB – take your time, have fun and enjoy the content…that’s how the game is enjoyable. If you need anything made just let me know…have nine characters across two accounts on AB so I’m sure one of them can help you out LOL

    Welcome aboard again! 🙂

  • Hey Coradnim! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind offer. 🙂 I might just take you up on that sometime.

    So far I’m just enjoying the game and trying to learn the best way to play a Fury. Having a blast!

    Have any advice for a new Fury?

  • Well my Fury is level 65 and all I know about him is where his heals and buffs are. Kind of inherited it from my brother-in-law when he quit LOL so I won’t be much help there :p