EQ2 update and stuff

Well yesterday turned out to be a busy day and I didn’t get the chance to blog much.  I was playing EQ2 last night and spent the better part of 4 hours trying to decide which class I wanted to play.  I finally decided upon the Fury class even though it’s horrifically overplayed, or so I hear.  I’ve been away from the EQ2 scene for nearly two years and much of what I remember of the game has completely changed.  Apparently it’s now completely solo friendly with a ton of content for all styles of gameplay. But anyway, back to my Fury.

I decided to create an Arasai Fury simply because I wanted to see the new Neriak area.  Right now he’s level 9 or so and turning out to be quite fun.  It fits my play style perfectly in that he can DPS, heal, buff, solo, and get groups easily.  That’s always been my major concern in a MMO.  Can I get groups?  Can I solo when I can’t get a group?  Am I “wanted” enough?  Those are the key points I research before picking a class.  Right now I’m still on the “Play the Fae!” trial to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into before I subscribe and front the cash for the couple expansions I missed out on.

In other news, I’m going to see Pirates 3 today and hopefully it does justice to the first movie (unlike the second).