Vanguard’s newest patch offers cheap thrills

– Mount masters have found a home near all rift way points. These masters will allow you to rent one of three flying mounts based on continent for a fee of 20 silver. You can use the flying mount as many times as you want within the 5 minute timer given. When the timer wears off you will be given a freefall effect for a short duration and the mount will be removed from your inventory.

Have fun and see you all in the skies of Telon!

An interesting addition to the game in today’s patch notes to say the least. Now I see this from a few angles. We all know SOE acquired Vanguard and I won’t go into that however I can’t help but wonder if this is a peace offering or a little “treat” to the community asking players to accept change. I also see this as a money sink to help reverse the negative effects that the long-ignored duping bug brought into the economy. Maybe a little bit of both?

A few months ago we were tipped off that “teleportation” is being added into the game to increase the speed of forming groups. If you haven’t played Vanguard know that getting a group all together in one location anywhere quick is next to impossible. The news was received with 50/50 approval. Sigil had promised the game was going back to the “hardcore roots” of an expansive world to explore. So we have teleports still on the way and now we have cheap five minute thrill rides. This is where I get the third angle. Borrowing a page from World of Warcraft’s “catering to the masses”, perhaps SOE is trying to retain subs.

I can’t wait to see the first “Omg my five minute joy ride got me killed!” when the safe fall buff bugs out.