Paying the bills in an efficient and helpful way!

We run a modest gaming blog here at  That much is obvious right?  Of course with any website hosting comes the cost of upkeep.  Graev and I decided from the beginning that we were not blogging to earn any revenue whatsoever.  It’s just not what we set out to do when we decided that we wanted to run a Gaming Blog and Web Comic.  We want to help our online gaming communities by giving back and supporting them.  We also want to make light of serious topics in the industry with our Ctrl+F Funny comic.  So how do we then keep afloat with our costs?  The obvious choices are either begging for donations or running small unobtrusive ads.

We refuse to ask for money because that defeats the purpose.  This is a website where you come to read what we have to say, take our advice, learn something new, find something you need, laugh, cry, hate, and all that good stuff.  In our blogging we often review games, refer our readers to a favorite game we used to play or currently play, we might mention a game or book or piece of hardware we use, we drop names here and there.  So to help pay our bills and break even, which is all we are looking to do, we’ve implimented a few google ads and an Amazon store.  The ads are straight forward and I need not explain them.  The store however is where we really think we can not only put bread on our table but we can help get you guys the goods you want!

Our Amazon Store (Keen and Graev’s Amazon Store) offers our readers the chance to purchase games, books, hardware, and so many other great things that we have handpicked, own, want to own, and recommend to you.  These are things that we have taken the time to personally add to our store and believe someone out there reading our blog might be interested in.  If the store ends up being a complete flop then we will drop it and just keep the straight google ads.
So to help keep us afloat we appreciate your support and continued dedication!

  • I see nothing wrong with ads at all. Like you said, they’re not obtrusive. So, feel no shame, Keen and Graev. 🙂