In my best Darth Vader voice: “NooooOoOooooo!”

Warhammer has been delayed until 2008! 🙁

We’ve not spoken much about WAR, infact not at all.  Graev and I both feel Dark Age of Camelot was the best MMORPG ever released.  Yes, I truly do still believe that to this day.  There was just something so special about that game that neither of us can even put our finger on it and say what it was.  It wasn’t our first MMO so that goes out the window … it was just great.  So given how great we think DAOC was and how much I personally love Mythic, it’s a given that we will be playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The news of its delay hits hard because both of us were truly waiting for this to be “our game”.  Both of us love Warhammer and 40k and we will continue to wait.  While this news is hard to swallow I can understand the need to delay it if it will make the game that much better.

So did you hear that Mythic? Make it good!

  • I never got too much in DAoC until it was too late, and while I never stuck with it because being that late to a party is not fun, I truly liked what I saw there.

    I have high hopes, thanks to all I do know of DAoC’s RvR, that WAR’s will be top of the line. Only company’s PvP that I see competing is Funcom’s Conan.