Our first day in Middle-Earth

LOTRO launched yesterday as you undoubtedly know by now.  The servers were packed and honestly to me that’s a good thing.  In closed beta Graev and I decided not to do a single quest past level 14 because we feel that completely a bunch of quests to simply turn them in ruins the flow of experience gain.  We enjoy doing the quests and seeing our characters progress as we turn them in.  All the instant gratification of a mass quest turnins could haunt you in the mid 20’s.

We started our day off by trying to remember where we left off in our questing.  Considering we stopped playing these chars nearly two weeks ago that wasn’t as easy as I had hoped it would be.  When we finally remembered that we were in the middle of the Saerdan quests and others mid-Bree-Land tasks our adventures quickly began again.  Finishing up the little quests that were blue and even con we found ourselves doing lots of running.  I should have planned ahead but oh well!

So to top an already busy day of wanting to play and compete for quest kills our DSL starts acting up.  It seemed to be dropping us every 15-20 minutes and would stay dead for 5 min at a time.  Those pesky DSL people should know that there are those of us who have no lives that needs our nets!  Okay the DSL was eventually fixed and we were on our way again.  We found ourselves quickly testing our abilities as we actually duo’s three even con Elites for the “Broken Alliance” quest.  We were proud of ourselves for doing something we saw people shouting for a fellowship for all day.

Unfortunately while working on our epic quest line my character became bugged and I did not receive credit for chapter 11.  Grrrr!  So in retribution we finished the night by slaying every single Wight we could find in the Barrow-Downsl  I think we actually completed every single quest there in under an hour… we were incredibly fast.

So now Keen and Graev sit at level 18 ready to begin our new adventures once this pesky downtime is over!

See you in Middle-Earth!