We gotta catch’em all!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released yesterday and as fans of the games we absolutely had to get a copy.  Sure some of you may think “wtf? Pokemon? how old are these guys?”.  Pokemon defies age restrictions my friends and let me be the first to tell you that you’re never too old to play a good game.

Being our normal slacker selves we did not pre-order the game.  I guess you can blame LOTRO for taking my attention away from such important matters.  So here we are on Sunday morning at 7:30am having just woken up.  We casually stroll to our car and head out on a tip that the local Gamestop opens two hours early to handle the rush.  Upon arriving at the local Gamestop we see a line out the door full of what looks to be the entire population of the local elementary school. “Curses!! Foiled by mere children!” I yell out my window as we pull away – obviously refusing to stand in line for a game we know will be sold out by the time it’s our turn.  Besides I didn’t want to see any kids cry when they didn’t get a copy… okay I didn’t want to see Graev cry.

Then suddenly it dawned on me.  Target should have the game in!  It’s a big enough release isn’t it?… We dashed across the parking lot to Target and to our astonishment found no line with tons of copies of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl! 

As we drove off I clutched my copy of Pearl – Graev demanded he get Diamond.  Passing the line at Gamestop I knew we had won this day.  I truly am smarter than a 5th grader.

  • Grats! I’m more than content on my DS for now with Puzzle Quest, but I’m certain I’ll pick up Diamond or Pearl sometime down the line when I’m itching to try it out.

  • Puzzle Quest is definitely a fun one! If you enjoy a relaxed and fun adventure that you can pickup any time then definitely try out Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.

  • You guys stink hehe. It took some courage for me to admit that I used to play Pokemon and am eyeing a DS with a Diamond and a Pearl (not the jewelry kind) for mom’s day. 😉

  • Definitely pick it up! 😀 I’ve already clocked 13 hours in the game … time passes so quickly while playing.