I’ve been tagged! Why do I blog?

Trinity from female-gamer.com has tagged me with a chain letter, blog style! I’ve been tasked with answering the interesting question of “Why do I blog?” An interesting question that I have even been asking myself lately. There are probably hundreds of reasons that various people blog their thoughts on the internet and I’m sure some of mine are not original. Some blog for fame and fortune while others blog for fun and use their writing as an outlet for their creative minds. There is no wrong reasons to blog and I’ve discovered that I might have a few unique reasons for blogging. So if I haven’t bored you already then continue to read while I explain the mystery behind why Keen blogs!

The first reason has to the big one. I blog because over the years I have become increasingly more involved in the communities of the games that I play. As I’ve aged in the genre of gaming in general I’ve come to realize that there never seemed to be a website that answered my questions or gave me the information that I was looking for straight up. Now I explained this in my very first blog post but allow me to reiterate my position. There are thousands of websites that have information and live or die for their traffic. They want to throw as much information out there about games as they can to increase their hits. Nothing wrong with that – it’s the norm. But while getting involved with a community you quickly learn something is missing. It’s that ‘real person’ behind the writing that you won’t find on a major affiliate or cash cow site. So reason one would be that I wanted to create a blog that would actually give people what they want to hear and know without pulling the punches. Graev and I are here to give a unique perspective on the games we play and still to this day have yet to find a website that accomplishes the same goals. Like our slogan says “Two Brothers, One Blog. Keen and Graev bring you their latest PC/Console views, Online Adventures, and more from a unique and refreshing perspective.” We’re here to give gamers like us what gamers like us want – if that made sense.

Reason two is also extremely important. My brother and I have a web comic that you are familiar with by now if you are one of our regular readers. Ctrl+F Funny is the spawn of two creative brothers hoping to share our views on the gaming industry and games we play while sharing our adventures in various gaming worlds in a funny and (i’ve used this word too many times) creative way. Right now our comic is featured on the LOTRO Vault and Vanguard Vault with side series and we hope to continue the growth of our comic in the future. We often laugh at ourselves for hours over what we have come up with. That’s all that matters and that’s why we do it.

In addition to the unique perspective on gaming and web comic I’ve always wanted a place that I can call my own on the web. I’ve wanted, for years, to have a website that I can pour my thoughts into without moderation. This is a place I feel comfortable sharing what I think.

I love forums and places of discussion. I can’t shake my fascination with open discussion and discourse between people. This blog allows me to discuss my opinions and opinions of others where anyone who wishes can join in the discussion. It’s exciting to see people leave comments or send me emails telling me how they enjoyed what I had to say or that they agree or disagree. So please if you read something that interests you or captures your attention in some way tell me about it!

As many bloggers out there I too hope that someone will see my blog and realize “hey, this guy has what I’m looking for”. This is the least important reason but one that I honestly could not leave out. I hope to in the future have this blog as a reference to my experience in writing about my opinions, views, impressions, so on and so forth.

So there you have it. The major reasons I could think of to answer the “why do you blog?” question. Similar to my friend Trinity Divine I do not know many others personally who blog. If you would like to be tagged and tasked with this same question then feel free to email me or leave a comment. Please continue to enjoy our blog here as much as we do. It’s what it’s all about.

  • That was a prompt response! I love your comics and wish I had the talent for that but I only know how to laugh, not how to make others laugh. 😀 More power to you and Graev!