Blog facelift and an update on what Keen’s up to lately

As you’ve likely noticed the blog received a little touch up this evening.  I thought it was a little boring to look at so I went with a little graphic and color change.  On the blog you’ll also notice that the pages, or content, are all layed out nicely in a hierarchy.  You’ll find everything you need in in the pages/content currently listed.  As our blog grows and expands so will the content section.

Also if you notice we now have a “Gaming Blog” section in our links.  Graev and I really enjoy browsing the various other gaming blog outs there and will add to those links as we come across other bloggers with sites that interest us.

Now what have I been up to this past week you ask?  Well I’ve been grinding away on my Champion in LOTRO earning decent nest egg for retail release.  A few days ago I grew tired of the grind and didn’t want to burn out so I decided to roll up a little Hobbit Hunter.  In closed beta I played a hunter briefly and really enjoyed the speed in which they kill and travel… travel speed being the most addicting.  Hopefully when I return to my champion in retail I won’t be going through withdrawls.

I will be posting some of the adventures “Mean Keen” the Hunter has tomorrow as I continue to advance through the Shire.  The more I play in the Shire the more I realize how truly great it is.  At first when I was a young shireling I thought the place was just too big and the quests hubs were too spread out.  But now that I am going through for my second or third time I realize that the place is just so full of quests and adventures that I can’t pass up the opportunity to do every single thing possible.

So that’s what I’ve been up to!  Looking forward to retail release of LOTRO when Graev and I can truly start our adventure logs, movies, and more.  Stay tuned!