Everyone knows your first MMO was the best…

Earlier today I started thinking about the first “massive” Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game that I played – Everquest.  Since then I have never once even come close to replicating that “woah” factor.  That’s not to say I do not enjoy the games equally and that I do not find games out there that are outstanding.  While thinking about this situation I came across a post on the LOTRO Vault where someone said they gave LOTRO a try and it was a good game but just couldn’t replace their first MMO love.  Why is it people are so adamant about finding something to replace these good memories?
Stop trying to replace previous experiences. It’s been said thousands of times that you can never replace that First MMO – so don’t! Make new memories, have new experiences that are unique, and enjoy them for what they are. If you are always trying to replace or mimic a past experience you will always fail and walk away feeling empty inside. No two MMO’s are exactly alike and once again none of them will be as magical as that first time.

Here’s what I do. I buy a game and I have as much fun with that game that I can. When a game stops being fun then I stop playing. I don’t stop playing because it’s “not like my previous favorite”. I can tell immediately from the title of the game that it’s not the same game and never will be.

My ‘gaming life’ goal is not to seek out replacements for fond memories but to create new ones.  I’ll never understand why someone would want to replace a good thing.  Your brain can hold more than one good memory people!