Open Beta Adventures in Ered Luin

Lastnight I decided to explore of a bit of Eriador that I had only visited briefly before.  The elven lands of Ered Luin lay just beyond the Shire to the far west.  Exploring the region was fairly easy due to my level being 15 and the closest thing to a threat was a blue con bear.  Nonetheless I decided to venture North on a tip that Wights dropped excellent loot.

The first thing you notice in this place is the drastic change from Bree-Land.  As a Man I grew accustom to seeing very basic countryside with little to no differing climate or landscape.  However in Ered Luin the land changes quickly from a “Elfish” pink/green/bright hue to almost a darker foreboding forest area.  It’s in this darker area that I knew I was getting closer to my Wights.

After climbing a very short hill I turn around and there I saw what seemed to be a small port-like dwarven city.  It was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve seen so far – at least from this view.  I decided to go check it out.  Upon entering the fort I found that it was populated by probably a good five dozen Dourhands.  Nasty little dwarfs those Dourhands…

I decided to grind on them for a bit and see what I could come up with loot-wise.  Thirty minutes later I had nothin’!  Well I had a nice start on my trait to kill dourhands but that was about it.  So I departed from this port and decided to resume my search for the Wights.  So climbing the hillside again I continued north and finally came upon an area that would likely have Wights.  Barrow-like hills covered with stones and an eerie ruins.  Yep this had to be the place but where were the Wights?

Suddenly an arrow wizzed past my ear and when I turned around the reason for the Wightlessness reveiled itself.  There were 4 Hunters and three Guardians zigzagging aroudn the hills fighting over the Wights.  *sadface*  So I set up camp and decided to fight them for the spawns. :P  I actually did pretty well lastnight.  I gathered a few yellows and made a good chunk of change.  Not bad a bad night for a Champion.

I retired for the night in Bree where the wonderful music of a local Bard helped to lull me to sleep.  LOTRO rocks.

forest of ered luin   dourhands   Bree Bard