Vanguard Weekly Forum Highlights 4/10/2007

Every week Vanguard Vault will recap interesting posts from the past week on our Message Boards! Humor, guides, insight, suggestions, and anything that might be worth sharing with the community will be highlighted. So if you want to end up in this column, post something interesting!

This week’s Highlights bring you official crafting information, adventure logs, and more.

– A very informative topic this week answers many crafting related questions that are on the minds of the players. Kwags, Sigil’s Crafting Developer, Answers Some Questions About VG Boats and Houses should keep you busy!

– -Avalon-‘s Dungeon of the Day definitely delivers this week! Trengal Keep is full of stories and adventures just waiting to be read.

– If you missed these little gems now is your chance to catch up! “Journeys with Jaye”‘s “To Infinium and Beyond” and “Death, Taxes, and Where the Heck do I Hunt?” offer a glimpse of just how much fun Vanguard can be.

– An interesting discussion started by ffxiplayer asks: “So I’m wondering what you folks think about server merge? I’m asking this question for people that do play VG currently and those that have played retail version of Vanguard but quit. Would you support server merge in VG at the moment?” Join the discussion and weigh in with your thoughts on a server merge.

If you come across a topic you feel the Vanguard Vault should highlight please feel free to send me an email: [email protected] or PM me here on the vault.