We have finally finished moving!

*wipes his brow*

That took longer than expected! Well as you can see we have officially moved away from our Blogger/Blogspot domain and hosting over to our very own! Let me be the first to welcome you to the new and improved http://www.KeenAndGraev.com!

You will find many things are new here on the website and still many things that have not changed. At the top of the website right above where new blog entries appear you have two options. You can search our entire blog with a very nice search feature and you can select categories to view. That should make viewing specific information much quicker. Also please note under “Content” on the main nav bar on the left you will find a link “Ctrl+F Funny comics” where you will be able to have all of our comics with dates at titles right at your finger tips.

Moving quickly to the next topic! LOTRO is mid open beta now and we are hard at work on developing our characters for retail. As I promised videos will be released along with more adventure logs, tips, tricks, guides, maps, etc! My goal with LOTRO is to not only talk about our experiences in the game but to help make yours more enjoyable. As things stand now with the cap at level 15 not much can be done by way of guides and movies. They will be somewhat dull and unoriginal – everyone is level 15 by now, aren’t they? – but they will still be posted. After retail release of LOTRO you can expect one hell of a commotion around here as the blog moves into full swing.

LOTRO is not the only trick for this pony. Along with our Ctrl+Funny Comics (boy do we have some good ones coming for you!) we will still be reviewing and blogging other MMO’s, RTS, Action, and other gaming things.

Graev and I would like to thank those of you who visit our Blog and we hope you continue to do so. Please enjoy!