LOTRO Forum Digest 3/05

LOTRO is in Open Beta! Or will be tomorrow since right now it’s technically “Preorder Beta”. Check out the latest LOTRO Vault Forum Digest:

And so it begins! LOTRO has officially entered Pre-order Founders Beta. I could not believe the number of topics started over names! Naming policy violations, name hoarding, lore moaning, and so on. But that was not all! This week’s topics include feature requests, exploiting, and roleplaying. Oh, and one must not forget the most important topic of all: Preorder Cloaks… These topics and more brought to you all in one easy place here on the LOTRO Vault Weekly Forum Digest. Enjoy!

– The unofficial Features Wish List was posted on the Turbine boards this week. In this topic you’ll find player housing, mini-games, fishing, collectables, and more. If you have something you wish was in-game go and voice your opinions!

– No surprise here. Name hoarding has been an issue as the game heads into Open Beta. Players are finding that all their names are taken! Apparently it’s gone far enough that players are offering money for others to relinquish their names. It’s all extremely odd if you ask me. There were also a dozen other topics on names dealing with lore violations, naming policy nono’s and ugh the list goes on. I’ll leave those up to you.

– Codemasters announced the official roleplaying servers. Notice the word “servers” is plural! They will also be releasing language preferred servers due to the diverse languages spoke in Europe. This news hits hard for the North American players who have been told there will be no official roleplay server for them to call home.

– Hitting other people’s tagged mobs in LOTRO will result in less experience for the person who originally tagged the mob. This has been on the minds of many topic starters this week. Whether it be the foundation for possible harassment, a bad implementation for having others help without a penalty, or whatever it might be – it’s on the posters minds. If you want to know more about the commotion check out the topic here

– It has been found! The rare and before now only mentioned in legend… Fallen Star of Gil-Galad! The 4th Preorder cloak!!! Okay I got that out of my system. If you’re one of those people out there simply obsessed with having every pre-order cloak then the search is on once again! Where is it from? How can I get one? These questions may or may not be answered in this thread. *cryptic*

Screenshots Galore: MeanKeenLurikeen and Obsideus! A shameless plug for the wonderful adventures posted on the LOTRO Vault. If you have any screenshots you would like to share with us then please submit them! If you’re like me and you blog your adventures feel free to include a link to your website as well.

Fair Play in Monster Play – Is there such a thing? No spies, No fixed fights… basically no cheating I guess. An interesting topic on the Turbine Monster Play board like this has already come? I did not expect this for at least 2 more months. Part of me feels perhaps this is too preemptive but perhaps starting early will get Turbine into the right stage of mind. It could be an interesting discussion. Check it out.

Why I play a Human. I laughed out loud to some of the replies on this one.

Keep those forums active LOTRO fans! If you come across a topic you feel the LOTRO Forum Digest should highlight please feel free to send me an email or PM me here on the vault.