Welcome to Keen and Graev’s Blog

Welcome to the first of many entries in the adventures of Keen and Graev. In this first entry I am going to explain a bit about myself and why I am doing this blog. First I would like to start off by saying that the content of this blog is that of my own mind and imagination. Anything said on this blog is not to be taken personally nor is everything we say to be taken as fact. I ask that if you choose to use anything from my blog that you ask me first for permission. I am always happy to lend my opinions and insights to various websites as long as credit is given where it is due.

Now to the part where I explain a bit about myself. I’m a 22 year-old student living in beautiful southern California. Currently I spend most of my day playing PC games and loitering around on message boards. I am currently on the staff for two IGN Vault’s. On the Vanguard Vault I work in the News department to keep readers up to date on the latest happenings. On the LOTRO Vault I create a fantastic Weekly Forum Digest highlighting all of the hot topics on the various message boards.

I suppose now would be as good a time as any to explain where the name “Keen” originated and why I chose to hang on to it for so many years. During the golden days of DAoC, pre-ToA, I had a little Lurikeen who truly ripped other players apart in RvR. After a very large 16v16 fight one afternoon at the Emain gate a pal of mine said to me, “You’re one mean keen!” and it stuck. I was forever known as Mean Keen the Lurikeen and used the name “Mean Keen” on the FFA PVP server for some time.

How about a bit of information on my gaming background? I started young in the gaming industry by getting my hands on that old Mac back in 1989(thanks mom & dad!). Mixed-up Mother Goose was my first PC game that paved the way for my gaming future. Quickly leaving the dark ages behind let’s get back to the present. To date I have played every major and even some minor MMORPG’s worth mentioning.

While MMO’s are my home that is not to say I do not dabble in fps, rts, and other platforms. I have owned and currently do own a Sega Master System, SNES, N64, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox and 360, Ps3, and even a Wii. While I do often play with console systems, my brother Graev is the major console fanatic. Graev will give his introduction to you all soon.

Alright it’s now time to talk about why I have created this blog. I spend countless hours browsing the internet every week. During any given day I might come upon a gaming website or affiliate that offers lots of great guides and tips to the new or uninformed gaming community. I might browse the normal websites that “review” a game and attract a cult following. These websites do a great job at presenting mass information to the players in a really friendly format – by no means am I ragging on them. But what do those websites lack? They lack the “real game” feeling. Their primary goal is not to give true unedited, uncensored, and unbiased opinions. They worry about ads, sponsors, affiliate status, and keeping traffic flowing to their websites. I have a different agenda.

Wouldn’t it be nice to browse the internet and stumble upon a true review and not just some jaded article writer playing the game for an hour and giving it a number from 1-10 based on how much fun he had killing boars? I will strive to bring you true opinions, insight, and information on the latest games that I play. My opinions will be based on first hand experience and will be delivered to you based on my extensive knowledge of the genre. When you visit my blog you will know the adventures you read are real.

Now, reviews are great and often enjoyable to read. What about regularly updated adventure logs? If you’re like me you really enjoy watching characters progress in an online world. Here at our Blog we will be bring to our readers the daily adventures of two brothers in a MMO world. If we just slaughtered our way through legions of wights and ended the day by downing an ale in the tavern you’re going to read about it, see it in screenshots, and wish you were there with us.

You may be telling yourself right now that there are already blogs out there doing what Keen just rambled on about. I don’t care! My experiences are unique and my perspective is original. I will enjoy sharing what I have experienced and take pride in knowing that what I am doing may be in some way useful to other gamers out there.

Sit back and enjoy. The Adventure begins…