Guild Spam

Always just a few shy of a raid.

Our blog has a forum community and within that forum community we have hundreds of players spread across various games.  We often create guilds or clans in various games like Battlefield or Call of Duty and MMO’s like Darkfall, Rift, and WoW.  Many times as the games fail our community presence in those games shuts down and we move on together to the next game.  That’s the great thing about a community over a guild that forms for just one game because you can make friends and play with them in every game.  One of our more successful community guilds is in World of Warcraft.  We formed this group back in the Wrath days and it has hung on ever since, even through two hiatus’ from the game to go and explore other titles.

The irony here is not lost on me.  Let me say that upfront.  Okay, now for the irony.

We’re in a position where we want to complete content in WoW.  Raid content.  We have easily 15 members who are 85 and active and want to raid.  The problem we’re having is that our community spans the globe and timing could not be worse for us.  Half the people can be on early and the other half can be on late, leaving us never with enough.  Sadly, WoW is just like every game that copies WoW in that the end-game is all raids and to raid you need a group of people that is sometimes larger than you can muster.  I long for the day when we have a sandbox game where we don’t have to worry about guild numbers to do content, but for now this is what we have and we want to make the most of it.

We want to build a group that starts fresh and completes all of the 10-man normal mode raid content in WoW.  Some of us have done a lot or all of it already, but we want to play through it again together.  To accomplish this goal, we need a larger pool of people from which to draw from at raid time.

Guild: Happy Fun Guyz
Server: Emerald Dream
How to Join: Read our Charter then make a post on our forums or contact someone online.

We have plenty of space for all classes but the few we have most need of are: Rogue, Druid, Shaman, and Death Knight.

If you’re on the Emerald Dream server or want to transfer over and play with a casual guild with goals to complete the content simply for them (not for the gear grind), then give us a look. We really take pride in being like a group of casual friends. This oft leads to our detriment, like needing to recruit in blog posts, but we wouldn’t sacrifice the feel of our guild for anything.

Our Rift Headstart Plans

The Rift headstart, which I consider to be the launch regardless, begins tomorrow.  Many have asked me which server the Keen and Graev Community will be playing on, so let me go ahead and get that out of the way first: Sunrest (RP-PVP), Guardians.

Why RP? There’s always the slightest chance the server may end up like Landroval from LotRO or Antonia Bayle from EQ2 and have RP.

Why PvP? Simply because PvE is not enough to sustain this game and battlegrounds are a terrible form of PvP. Open-world is where it’s at.

Why Guardians? Personally, I like their style a lot more.  I like their races more.  They’re also the stereotypically less-popular side.

It looks like we’ll have the numbers to form up a guild.  What our goals become will depend on the group of people we get playing, but you can be sure that we’re interested in open-world PvP.  I’m hoping that Trion has done themselves a favor and made the open-world PvP objectives more than a gimmick.

Some have expressed their confusion about why I would play Rift.  Allow me to, one last time, give you the breakdown:

1) It’s generic because it’s more of the same yet
2) The content is polished and the class system is decent and
3) It’s something other than what is already released.  If you’re happy and content playing what is already out there then there’s absolutely no reason for you to go play Rift.  If you feel a void or currently have nothing to play (maybe you’re bored of WoW?) then it’s the next best thing.

What will really determine whether or not I make it long term in Rift is the content that isn’t raiding.  I may retire my raiding hat forever (again) after this generation in WoW and I’m not sure I have it in me to do Rift’s raids, although there is currently only one. I’ll be watching the open-world PvP content, how Rifts play into the end-game, and whether or not Rift, through ongoing development, does anything to differentiate itself. You can be sure that if it does not stand out then I’ll bow out and let you guys know the details.

Until then, I’m ready to have some fun with friends and community.

K&G Community recruiting for multiple games

The Keen and Graev Community has had a presence in most games released over the past three years.  We’re a community that plays together because of the actual people here, not because of what we can get by being a member or how it will benefit us individually.  If you’re looking for a community that plays everything from Battlefield and Call of Duty to WoW then check our our forums.  We have a two specific games to mention today.

World of Warcraft

If you’re interested in joining a WoW guild with a casual and goal-oriented atmosphere, Happy Fun Guyz on Emerald Dream is recruiting. We have members that enjoy a range of activities like PvP, dungeons, and raids.

If raiding is your thing, we’re currently fielding two 10-man raids that raid two nights a week each.

Raid 1 (Currently on 3rd boss in Blackwing Descent)
7:15pm-10:00pm CST (Server time)
Needs: RDPS

Raid 2 (Currently on 3rd boss in Bastion of Twilight)
9:45pm-12:45am CST (Server time)
Needs: Heals, RDPS

Both raids need additional members to avoid wait times when someone can not log in and we would also like to, eventually, be capable of having these raids do multiple raid dungeons a week.

Visit our forums, read our charter, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

We’re also beginning to organize for a presence in Rift.   We’ll be playing Guardian on a PvP server.

If you’re interested in playing with the Keen and Graev community then visit our Rift forum.

A fun night of raiding


Happy Fun Guyz have been making some serious headway (relative to how we play) in the WoW content.  We have two 10-man raids running twice a week in Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight.  Both raids are currently working towards bringing down the second bosses and both are making headway.  Tonight we just finished up doing Baradin Hold’s Argaloth, which is like Vault of Archavon, and then went on to down BWD’s first boss Magmaw quickly to give us a couple hours of attempts on Omnotron.  The Omnotron encounter is ridiculous!  There’s so much going on and it can be a bit random at times.  Once you get a cool head and recognize that it’s just every mechanic you’ve done in raiding thrown into one boss fight you’re okay.  Switching targets like musical chairs, not standing in some stuff and standing in others, add control, kiting… it’s all there.

After a few wipes we got into a rhythm and starting making huge headway.  At that point we had one of our guildies have to leave and we brought in an undergeared member (shout out to Dragnous) because it was worth wiping more to learn the fight.  Even with the undergeared player (And his first time with our group!) we got Omnotron down to seconds of being dead three times.  At that point it was just a matter of luck whether we could kill him and it would have been a definite kill with just a few more items.

It was a lot of fun watching the fight click for people.  Our interrupts were good, our communication was great, our healers (poor healers, such a tough ae damage fight) did great, and overall we ended the night on a very high note.  There’s a marked difference between wiping and ending on a “blah” note and wiping yet walking away excited because you know you’ll rock in two nights later.

We’re coming for you Omnotron.

Cataclysm in six hours!

Just under six hours ’til Cataclysm launches here in the U.S. and I’m starting to get antsy!  I’ve resisted exploring the new world so it’s going to be completely new for me.  I find myself staring at this zone flow map to plan which areas I’ll be tackling first on my Goblin Mage.  I’m planning to do Kezan/Lost Isles -> Azshara -> Stonetalon Mountains … then I can’t decide between Desolace and STV.  Apparently both are really good.  The really cool part about this is that I have enough content to play through it three times and repeat very little.  There aren’t many games that can claim that these days that are still worth playing.

Happy Fun Guyz (Emerald Dream, US) welcomes anyone needing a home.  We raid old and new content, group for dungeons and leveling, PvP, and just hang out.  If you’re seriously looking for a guild then you’re going to find yourself a community that you not only get to play WoW with but many other games as well.  Check out our charter, introduce yourself on the forums if that’s your thing, and join us in-game tomorrow!   It was our goal back in April to establish ourselves solely for the purpose of playing Cataclysm and having a guild of friends and a place to call home.  Mission accomplished.

Don’t forget that you can buy Cataclysm on Bnet and upgrade immediately.  If you’ve kept your client up to date then you shouldn’t have more than a small 100-200mb patch to be set and ready to go.

While on the subject of guilds, I want to point out something that you’ve probably already seen:  WoW’s Guild Perks/Rewards.  The new system for guild leveling is now the best guild system in any MMO.  It’s like WAR’s system in that you level up by doing ‘stuff’ and you buy the perks.  Some ranks and perks come with rewards that can be purchased like heirloom gear (helms, capes) or a mount that you ride while holding your guild banner.  Lots of really cool goodies worth checking out on the WoW guild perks area such as increased mount speed, banners, exp bonuses, and economical benefits.

Great times ahead!  It’s not often that we get excited about a game or expansion without having to worry about it being a let down.  I’ll be posting my thoughts on various things from new quest chains in the new world to the level 80-85 content.