How to Unlock Flying in Legion, Part One

How to unlock flying in legion

After several weeks of Legion, you’re probably long past wishing you could fly over those Highmountain peaks and level 110 mob filled zones. I know I am.

We don’t have a definitive list of everything that will be required to unlock flying, but we can be fairly confident that “Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One” will be required.

Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One

This umbrella achievement comprises a similar set of objective to those found in the Pathfinder from WoD.

Broken Isles Explorer

This one is pretty simple: Explore all of the zones. You can either look at the map and see which areas are still covered by the ‘fog of war’ or you can follow this pretty simple waypoint guide using TomTom.

Legion Waypoints

Navigating the zones can be difficult in that they are full of mobs your level (even at 110), and the terrain is often a pain. I recommend using Goblin Glider Kits from your WoD Garrison, which can be made quite simply at your Engineering hut. No engineering is required, and you can make these with a level 1 building.

Additional travel helpers: Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite (similar to Goblin Glider Kits but lasts 1min instead of 2), Flightmaster’s Whistle (obtained at 110 when unlocking WQ’s), and Emerald Winds.

Goblin Glider Kit in Legion

Loremaster of Legion

To unlock this achievement you need to complete all of the main story quests within each of the five Broken Isles zones.

  • Vrykul Story, Bro
  • Azsuna Matata
  • That’s Val’sharah Folks!
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • Good Suramaritan

The achievement is account wide, but progress on the sub achievements is per character. This means you’ll have to complete an entire zone on one character to get credit.

The four leveling zones can be done on your journey to 110, but Good Suramaritan can only be completed at 110 — and will require a SIGNIFICANT time investment to complete. Components of the meta quests are gated behind Nightfallen rep and the last step is not yet even in the game.

I recommend doing EVERY Suramar World Quest that appears every day (including the Withered Army Training), and finishing all of the quest lines. I’ll have another writeup on those soon.

Good Suramaritan

Variety is the Spice of Life

Easiest of all achievements here is the one to complete 100 world quests. I recommend combining this with your Suramar rep grind. Honestly, this will just happen without you even realizing it. Your grind to revered with each rep will get you this when you’re not even halfway there.


I highly, highly recommend the plugin: World Quest List. You’ll be guided to all of the WQs you want to do most, and you can filter them to see the rewards, rep, and zones you want.

Broken Isles Diplomat

Getting all of your six major Legion reps up to Revered will get you the Broken Isles Diplomat achievement.

You’ll make great progress by completing all of the quests in each zone, but The Wardens and Nightfallen can only be done at 110 (and will require a significant grind gated behind quests with limited availability).

I recommend using your Kirin Tor Emissary rewards on one of these two reputations as they are much more difficult to obtain.

If you have the stamina (I don’t) you can do every WQ in every zone. Should take you just under 3 weeks from a fresh character to get all of those reps to revered. Totally not my thing. What I do is pick one, and make sure that ONE zone is done every day. That way, I do my Emissary and the one zone (and Suramar, ugh) and I’m done with WQ’s for the day.

A Glorious Campaign

Completing one class’ Campaign will grant you this achievement. Not all of the campaigns are created equal, both in terms of quality and length. Again, this is something to focus on while leveling but also a priority at 110. You will unlock your third relic slot (a huge iLvL boost to your weapon) when you do.

After you unlock WQ’s, this should be your first to-do when reaching 110.


Broken Isle Pathfinder, Part One is likely only the beginning of unlocking flight in Legion. A few steps of this achievement are not yet in the game, and for all we know flying is 6+ months away. But this gives you something to work toward each day. If you’re like me, you enjoy having goals. Goals keep me playing and invested.

A great tool to track your progress can be found at WoWhead’s Flying Tool.

Let’s hope flying comes sooner than later!

Where to find Fetch, Play Dead, Wake Up, and more

I learned about a few ‘hidden’ Hunter abilities and toys that I wanted to share with you guys.

When Legion launches, these will probably be available in the Hunter class hall, but if you don’t get Legion or simply want them early then I’ve made a quick little video showing where to go.

Sholazar Basin, Nesingwary Camp

  • Play Dead – makes your pet feign death
  • Wake Up – wakes your pet up from its Play Dead state
  • Fetch – retrieves loot off a corpse you own up to 40 yards away
  • Aspect of the Chameleon – makes you untrackable (like the old aspect of the beast)

Dalaran (Old and I think new)

  • Fireworks – using a ranged weapon it launches a single firework into the air

Just some fun and moderately useful abilities/toys for Hunters. I plan to continually write up useful information for my favorite class. But don’t fret! If you aren’t a Hunter, I’m going to be posting lots of useful information for everyone. I really like this idea of getting involved more and being more engaged with the actual game. I’ll write another topic on this today to address this with you all.

How to tame N.U.T.Z. the Mechanical Squirrel in WoW

Nutz the mechanical squirrel in WoW

Taming N.U.T.Z. the Mechanical Squirrel in WoW is really easy. I decided to create a quick guide to help my fellow hunters.

Step 1: Head to Azshara

Step 2: Enter the building in the NE and click on ‘An Intern’s Journal’

Step 3: Click on the Thorium Manifold Lever

Step 4: Click on Antimatter Storage Energizer

Step 5: Click on Flux Containment Release Lever

Step 6: Click Hydro-Sync Router

Step 7: Activate Aspect of the Turtle and Tame N.U.T.Z.

When taming N.U.T.Z. it’s important to remember that he will one-shot you. That’s why you should activate Aspect of the Turtle which acts like the old deterrence ability.

I hope my fellow hunters find this guide useful! If you’re looking to tame Friender or other Mechical pets, check out my other Mechanical Pet Taming Guide.


How to Tame Mechanical Pets in WoW Legion Pre-Patch

I’m going to show you how to tame Mechanical Pets in WoW during the Pre-patch!

Tekton the Mechanical Sheep – Elwyn Forest

Tekton the Mechanical Sheep Pet

Fly just northeast of Stormwind. Tekton is on a ledge near a house and a bunch of other sheep. Be sure to use a freeze trap to avoid being blown up!

Mechano-Strider & Haywire Battle Chicken – Loch Modan

mechano-strider and mechanical chicken pets in WoW

These two mechanical pets are found in a cave in the southeastern corner of Loch Modan. You can also find Optimo, but he’s a rare spawn.

Friender the Mechanical Wolf – Gnomeregan

Friender the Mechanical Wolf pet in WoW

Friender is by far the most fun to find! You’ll have to go into Gnomeregan and make your way to the Engineering Labs. Then it’s just a matter of activating all of the buttons until they light up. Simply find the pattern of which lights turn on and off when you press certain buttons to solve the puzzles. You can’t mess this up, so feel free to trial and error your way through.

Once Friender wakes up, wait for him to run close to you then pop Aspect of the Turtle and tame!

I hope my fellow hunters found this information useful. More to come! 🙂

ESO Tips for Newbs

As Graev and I play ESO more we are discovering a few things that we wish we knew right when we started.

Interrupting, Avoiding, and Blocking

When you see red sparks, hold the right mouse button then click the left mouse button while target the enemy.  You’ll thrust your weapon forward (or shield bash) the enemy causing their ability to be interrupted.

When you see the yellowish sparks, hold the right mouse button when the enemy lands their hit on you and they will be dazed.  Perform a heavy hit by holding down the left mouse button (with a bow hold for a second or two then let go) and you will knock the enemy off balance.

When you see a red circle, red line, or red anything on the ground, double tap WASD in a direction that will get you out of the indicator.  This will make your character roll or dodge out of the way and avoid being hit by what is going to be an unblockable attack.

eso-map-questsCompleting Quests in Areas

Questing in ESO about roaming around, exploring, and finding quests to complete.  Quest hubs only exist in loosest possible sense.  You can expect there to be a couple of quests around each city.  To make sure you know when to move on, open up your map and look at the symbol representing the city, farm, outposts, etc.  If it’s black that means you may still have something to complete there.  If the symbol has turned white, you have probably done the main quests there.

How to use the Scroll and Ring of Mara

Visit the Shrine of Mara in the city you appear in when first loading into the game.  Once you find the shrine, open your inventory, press and hold Q, and put the scroll of Mara into the quickslot.  Target your friend or significant other (Graev targeted me) and press Q.  You’ll receive the prompt to commit yourself to that person.  It was rather awkward for us.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, post them in the comments below!  I know both Graev and I appreciate any tips you can give us, and I’m sure others reading do as well.