ESO Tips for Newbs

As Graev and I play ESO more we are discovering a few things that we wish we knew right when we started.

Interrupting, Avoiding, and Blocking

When you see red sparks, hold the right mouse button then click the left mouse button while target the enemy.  You’ll thrust your weapon forward (or shield bash) the enemy causing their ability to be interrupted.

When you see the yellowish sparks, hold the right mouse button when the enemy lands their hit on you and they will be dazed.  Perform a heavy hit by holding down the left mouse button (with a bow hold for a second or two then let go) and you will knock the enemy off balance.

When you see a red circle, red line, or red anything on the ground, double tap WASD in a direction that will get you out of the indicator.  This will make your character roll or dodge out of the way and avoid being hit by what is going to be an unblockable attack.

eso-map-questsCompleting Quests in Areas

Questing in ESO about roaming around, exploring, and finding quests to complete.  Quest hubs only exist in loosest possible sense.  You can expect there to be a couple of quests around each city.  To make sure you know when to move on, open up your map and look at the symbol representing the city, farm, outposts, etc.  If it’s black that means you may still have something to complete there.  If the symbol has turned white, you have probably done the main quests there.

How to use the Scroll and Ring of Mara

Visit the Shrine of Mara in the city you appear in when first loading into the game.  Once you find the shrine, open your inventory, press and hold Q, and put the scroll of Mara into the quickslot.  Target your friend or significant other (Graev targeted me) and press Q.  You’ll receive the prompt to commit yourself to that person.  It was rather awkward for us.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, post them in the comments below!  I know both Graev and I appreciate any tips you can give us, and I’m sure others reading do as well.

GW2 Leveling Guide

Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide Map

Want a more traditional map showing where to go at what level? Check this out. (Given to me by a friend)

Many of you have asked me for advice on how to level or advance quickly in Guild Wars 2.  While a traditional leveling guide is not really appropriate for a game with so many different avenues for advancement, I will share with you my favorite ways to progress and how I feel you can get the most out of your GW2 leveling experience.

1. Do every Dynamic Event you see

Dynamic Events give copious amounts of experience.  Sometimes they will also chain into other events which can lead into large, and difficult, zone-wide events.  The loot and experience from these larger events can be extraordinarily good.  They are also enjoyable.  The story of a zone is often found in the events, and not the heart quests.  Go out of your way to find them, do them, and repeat them if possible.

2. Do the Hearts

Yes, you still need to do the hearts throughout the zone, but not just because they give experience themselves.  By doing the hearts you are ensuring that you’re exploring most of the zone.  By doing so you gain exploration experience as well as experience for killing different types of monsters that day.  Hearts also give money — perhaps their best quality.

3. Kill Monsters

Don’t fall into the habit of just running from heart to heart, event to event, and ignoring all the monsters.  I recommend you kill everything.  A friend of mine reminded me of this little detail, and not only did my experience increase but the amount of crafting materials I obtained doubled.

4. Craft with a strategy in mind

You gain a ton of experience from crafting.  This is something you should definitely be doing while you level, but since you gain so much experience why not wait and do it when you need it?  Some levels are easier than others.  Why craft at low levels when the experience is even faster than it is later on?  I suggest saving your crafting until about level 60.  This will allow you to accumulate a lot of materials (especially if you follow my advice above) and allow you to gain a significant leap ahead — not that you necessarily want or need a leap, but if you come across a zone you dislike or simply want to boost to the next area this can be the best way.

5.  World vs. World

Do you like getting experience for killing other players?  Unlike past games, you really can level quickly by doing nothing but WvW.  I gained five levels in one night, in my mid 50’s, by defending one tower.  If you take points, especially big keeps, you’ll get above 10,000 experience per event.  I highly recommend you participate during the first hour of a new matchup because you have a good chance of taking keeps.  It feels good to get a level and not even realize it.

Have tips of your own?  Feel free to share them.